I've been reading Bruce Schneier's "Click Here to Kill Everybody" and his description of the inexorable march toward ubiquitous connectivity is equal parts realistic and depressing. I hope there are more than a few of us who are willing to pay extra for things that aren't online.

@tk How far into the book are you? I had a similar hope, and the book convinced be that everything that can be connected, will be. So my hopes now are about correct mitigation (including government regulation that Schneier advocates for) and coping (look up his recent blog post on privacy for tigers, and read the first few comments).


@minoru First three chapters so far. It's mostly familiar territory for me but he did a good job explaining the approaches to patching. Looking forward to more discussion about the economics of connectivity. Good point in the tiger post comments - it reminds me of the radical transparency described in The Circle.

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