Woo! New version of (v0.10) is now out. If you're on a hosted instance it is in the process of rolling out to you now.

@tklk #pixelfed hosted on #spacebear was the best decision I’ve made. Thanks for the quick updates! 🎉

@tklk Could you make a separate account for informing about instance hosting issues, like upgrades? I would like to make sure I don't miss those updates.

Could you also post a changelog/link to a changelog when you do a upgrade?


@jonne good idea. I've just started @support where I will put the announcements of updates. I'm still in the process of setting it up, and is missing bio info and such.

As for the changelog I will start to provide more info about what is included in each deploy.

@tklk @support Downside of doing it with Pleroma seems to be that there is no RSS feed to subscribe to. That would've been easier to not miss accidentally. Thanks for the account, though!

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