Why I start hating to build free software are comments like these:

"Gadgetbridge always fetch wrong data from my watch. It seems like there is no plan to solve this issue. I'm totally disappointed."

Any idea how to deal with people who use software that was created by volunteers in their free time, and then complain and demand?


@ashimokawa This happens with Gitea too. Just because an issue has been open for any length of time without being resolved immediately it is "clearly an issue we won't ever solve". We get called lazy, and many more things that are much ruder. Abusive people (those who insult maintainers or others) get banned, but ones who demand our time we remind them we are volunteers and can only do so much, usually once they realize we aren't a company they are more polite and understanding.


@ashimokawa I try to ignore the negative people (which is sometimes hard to do), and remain appreciative of the wonderful community we have. Those who make PRs, add to documentation, hang out in chat helping others, reporting issues, hosting instances. You, @codeberg, and many others bring me back to Gitea every single day refreshed, and happy that I can work on this great project.

@tklk @codeberg
Thanks for the encouraging words 😊, and you positive views on free software collaboration!

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