Oh my, the music streaming world just lost 8tracks blog.8tracks.com/2019/12/26/to

Murfie, another streaming option also suddenly closed it doors and seemingly not allowing users to get their physical media/data out first. theverge.com/2019/12/13/210195

Last year, Soundcloud almost went out of business until they got a 100m investment at the last minute.

Hopefully @funkwhale sees a huge uptick in usage.

@tklk @funkwhale the 8tracks blog entry is quite interesting!

Although it's probably not written with that perspective in mind, it screamed "decentralize!" the whole read 😃

@eliotberriot @tklk @funkwhale
> 'Nonetheless, easy, on-demand access to any song has proven to be a must-have requirement; it’s what people are accustomed to in the “ownership” model'

That part is scary. It's not ownership. 🤨 mp3s is the last model that provides ownership.

@FredricT I may be wrong, but I think @inhji meant that using streaming services where you cannot actually download the content and consuming it on your own terms, outside of the platform doesn't promote ownership, on the contrary.

@tklk @funkwhale

@FredricT @eliotberriot @tklk @funkwhale yeah that's what I meant. I don't like to have music pulled from underneath me because Spotify has beef with label x or some licensing model changed

@FredricT @eliotberriot @tklk @funkwhale Id rather have only access to some music but own all of it than having access to a lot of music and own nothing at all.

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