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Bandwidth usage from the last few months. Still far from the 20 TB outgoing that we have.

This also includes traffic to the network drive where video files are stored, so especially the received bandwidth (rx) is not really useful.

#peertube #fediadmin

@liaizon @Gargron (full disclosure I’m spacebear) I started with pixelfed and peertube, and at the beginning of this month I launched Mastodon and Hometown hosting. I’m looking at adding funkwhale next.

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Oh my, the music streaming world just lost 8tracks

Murfie, another streaming option also suddenly closed it doors and seemingly not allowing users to get their physical media/data out first.

Last year, Soundcloud almost went out of business until they got a 100m investment at the last minute.

Hopefully @funkwhale sees a huge uptick in usage.

@stevenroose @codeberg @forgefed ...(cont) and so it’s hard to commit to a long project like FF when we are unsure of how much time we have to give at any one time. Especially now we have a self hosted instance we are spending time admin-ing the servers, and ensuring no abuse of system happens. This means even more of our time is occupied.

@stevenroose @codeberg @forgefed yup, I’m one of the project leads of Gitea, and was involved with forgefed when it was just a GitHub repo (seem to still have my permissions to that GH org), although I know FF has moved away from that. Right now Gitea is focused on moving its main repo away from GH and onto a self hosted instance, and is also going through a major refactor. I’ve reached out to other maintainers if they’d like to join FF but sadly as we are volunteers our time is limited..(cont)

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🎉 #Mastodon and #Hometown hosting has now launched! Check it out at and @ me if you have any questions.
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Launch Hype!! 🎉 Going to launch Mastodon/Hometown hosting support tomorrow.

@dansup @lain They are mistaken, it is Pixelfed that is made by Mastodon 😆 I can understand the confusion, they both start with P.

@dansup oh shit, why do I keep showing you the wrong cup, this time I'll get it right 😂

@dansup ooops wrong cup, I don't have any affiliation with Gitlab.

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Woo! 🎉 About 90% ready to start hosting mastodon, and the hometown fork of mastodon. A ton of work went into this, and I am so thankful for the many resources I had access to, including the amazing and knowledgeable @mastohost who answered all of my questions. I would recommend his hosting service any day, it is solid and reliable. I am also thankful for the creator/contributors to Mastodon, and its forks. Another thank you for those of you who supported this service so I could scale out to offer even more options. The fediverse is a wonderful place and I am looking forward to helping more people to join.

Watch this place for updates on the launch (or DM me if you want to get added to the list of people I notify).

@dansup oof. Can you PM me an IP so I can ban them from doing the same for the instances I host?

@cloud @ed_packet yeah, those machines are beasts. I love looking at htop when we are running a ton of CI jobs.

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