All #spacebear hosted #pixelfed instances have now been upgrade to allow for following of remote profiles.

See for instructions on how to follow others.

If you'd like your own pixelfed instance and need hosting check out

@selea I think the issue they may have is compute/budget resources. Here is a link for more details where they discuss:

Some of codeberg founding members are also Gitea maintainers.

@selea I believe is looking at hosting a DroneCI instance connected to their gitea instance. But this may be a future plan.

@talone yes, Gitea overwrites the authorized_key file so that it manages SSH connections (make sure this isn't the unix user that you usually SSH into the server with). This means whichever unix user Gitea is run as (usually git), then users can git clone git@[domain]:[org]/[repo].git and as long as they upload their public key to Gitea then they can clone. Alternative is to let Gitea run SSH itself on a different port (this is faster than going through OpenSSHD).

@Hau ah, I should've remembered that PF has a size limit because when federating other instances grab a copy of the file to store locally on their servers. Masto keeps the limit at 8MB. This prevents a user with a huge following from DDOSing their own instance when posting large files.

I have bias in what I'm about to say, but Peertube avoids this issue by not federating media files, it only sends out links and thumbnails, so if you wanted to post long form video then I could host that for you.

@Hau Weird question, are you uploading with an iPhone? There might be a compatibility issue with the video, here is a closed issue on the Github tracker about it:

@Hau ah, I checked logs and I see several HTTP 413 statuses, which are "Payload Too Large" errors. How large are the files you are trying to upload?

@Hau Hmm... let me check out the logs to see if I can find anything.

@Hau It's been enabled. Ping me if things act up. Also lmk if you want loops enabled too.

@talone I grew up in canada so I have a 5% understanding of french 😜

If you have any questions, please ask. We also have a maintainer who is from france who spends time in discord and so if you need help in french he could help.

@talone We just released 1.9.0 a few hours ago, so you chose a great time to install.

@ephase In version 1.10.0 internal SSH is 100% rewritten and is faster and much more stable. 1.10.0 is still in development though.

@lerk yes there is. In user settings, under account tab, look for theme and set it to "arc-green".

If you've read and are considering running your own, check out

It's a project which aims to make self-hosting more accessible. All the major federated platforms are available to install via a friendly user interface.


Support is available over at

#yunohost #self-hosting #hbsc

I've created a dedicated account for and you can follow it here: @support

I will start to do announcements from there, so please follow
for all updates about your or instance.

@jonne good idea. I've just started @support where I will put the announcements of updates. I'm still in the process of setting it up, and is missing bio info and such.

As for the changelog I will start to provide more info about what is included in each deploy.

Woo! New version of (v0.10) is now out. If you're on a hosted instance it is in the process of rolling out to you now.

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