Hello, I have decided to become @tomlowenthal. Please update your rolodexes.

Is is cheating to play The Mind with a metronome? Asking for a friend.

Oh no, Signal has a new design and all change is terrifying which is why I instinctively cling to a few familiar things, mistaking the sense of comfort which comes from rote familiarity for understanding or genuine safety.

Also, it's not blue any more. So there's that.

The local and federated timelines are now useless to me. This is not failure, it's inevitable. They may still be useful but not for humans.

So the question is whether I can grow and prune my follows list so that the Home and Notifications lines are interesting and not too annoying.

I badly need
- Better search
- Easier community-of-interest group forming
- lists of some sort
- Better author based curating and tagging


hi all! i have a thing to share with you! my new instance is ready and it is a little different...

toots on this instance are ephemeral; they disappear after a while (between 5 minutes and an hour) depending on the current phase of the moon.


something glitchy, something witchy...

feel free to boost


I enjoy The Traitor Baru Cormorant so much that I'd like to have a half- dozen copies on hand to loan out to unsuspecting friends, guests, and acquaintances at a moment's notice.
Rather than getting them online, I'd like to visit a few independent book shops in SF. What are your favorite places to find books?

Group shot from Foma Labs' first public experience exhibition: The Obfuscia Hotel at The Battery Club. The Obfuscia is an interdimensional hotel which manifests in our reality when the stars are aligned just so to provide a free roaming exploration of immersive art and performance.
Next performances are April 21 & 22 at The Laundry. Tickets are available at obfuscia.eventbrite.com
Photo credit: @TheSeg.

I'm speaking at Berkeley's Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity on April 25 at 1pm.
My talk is titled “Won't Somebody Please Think of the Journalists‽” and it focuses on questions of how to organize society and design computer infrastructure to ensure that people practice journalism often, effectively, and without fear of censorship or reprisal.
RSVP is requested, so head over to cltc.berkeley.edu/rsvp-for-tom to register and see the full details.

I'd like to stop using United because capitalism teaches me that the only legitimate form of protest against corporations is to stop patronizing them.
But now I have a puzzle. No United means no Star Alliance. Which other airlines are good for travel between SF and NYC (sometimes DC)? Are there also good non-stop options for SF to Western Europe on the same carrier or alliance?
If I make a switch, are the other carriers actually *better* or have they just been caught out less this month?

With the rise of multinational corporations and global debt, and the death of the welfare state, national states are becoming little more than mechanisms by which corporations and banks can enforce usury on the working population through taxation and the appropriation of surplus wealth. Stateless capitalism requires stateless Socialism to fight it.


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