I'd like to stop using United because capitalism teaches me that the only legitimate form of protest against corporations is to stop patronizing them.
But now I have a puzzle. No United means no Star Alliance. Which other airlines are good for travel between SF and NYC (sometimes DC)? Are there also good non-stop options for SF to Western Europe on the same carrier or alliance?
If I make a switch, are the other carriers actually *better* or have they just been caught out less this month?

@micahflee @tl Same boat here - following this thread with great interest.

@pnathan I don't think Alaska Airlines takes me anywhere I need to go.

@tl Perhaps if you allowed yourself to be more flexible you wouldn't feel so backed-in to a corner. I fly Southwest when I can, JetBlue, Virgin, and Delta. Pretty much in that order. I'm not a member of rewards clubs because all they do is psychologically tie me to one option that may or may not be the best for my current situation. /cc @micahflee

@unorigmoniker I understand the purpose of rewards clubs, but I still choose to use them because I appreciate their benefits.
Even without clubs, I'd still probably stick closely to one airline because air travel is super complicated and I enjoy the clarity and confidence that comes from understanding how the airline works, and getting accustomed to their processes and terminals.

@tl To each their own and to one's own convictions.

@tl I never fly US-based airlines when travelling to or from foreign countries.

@tl JetBlue has been great for me by US airline standards. I also fly to Florida a fair bit with them.

@tl I fly pretty much exclusively Jetblue to SF/BOS and SF/NYC. They don't have good options for a lot of cities, or internationally, but I love their domestic non-stops cross-country.

@tl And that's why they can reject "the customer is always right"! They and American should each get broken into two airlines, then maybe we'll see airlines care about their customers again.

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