Well uh, okay so the pedal design works. Now to make a double version. I could add a third for clutch, but idk. Maybe later.

My force feedback wheel is actually working pretty well so Iโ€™m on to making pedals.

Hot take: we should not manufacture plastic โ€œfoodโ€.

The gender of the day is an ominous solar system.

Was gonna nab this zucchini for dinner but it was already spoken for!

Gosh it was like two weeks ago when I said โ€œgee I could make a force feedback wheel!โ€ And I actually didnโ€™t think I was going to do it until I realized I already had a motor and controller in a bin with some scripts ready to go.

New mechanical mounts for my direct drive force feedback steering wheel project! Doing some high speed run in tests to try to straighten out a wobbly printed part. But now I can bolt a wheel to this! Gotta write a velocity controller and then integrate this with my virtual force feedback controller code. ๐Ÿ˜ธ

Finally uploaded a photo album and sources for my open source headphone design! Please check the full album with link to github here:


Canโ€™t decide if I should beg someone at notbird.site to approve my request or apply to hellsite.site or migrate to my sfba.social account or just stay on mastodon.social.

Also I my pull request for python-evdev was accepted so now I can make a virtual force feedback device that games can use. The control in the above video is in python as well, so I just need to smash those programs together and implement all the different feedback modes. Gonna do mechanical stuff next tho.

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Tooting around with brushless motors and control systems. Gonna take this beefy 135KV motor and maybe make a direct drive force feedback steering wheel with it.

Rhea, #GNOMEChallenge submission from @VladoDev, is designed to be the worlds first Linux development learning platform offering both video and text-based courses.

Rhea will offer a range of courses for novice programmers, helping them to learn and fall in love with the #Linux ecosystem, start developing apps for the platform, fix bugs, and develop features for existing apps, desktop environments, and distros!
#OpenSource #FOSS #freesoftware


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