"An autonomous starfish-killing robot called COTSBot has been developed and as of September 2015 was close to being ready for trials on the Great Barrier Reef."

The words "autonomous killing robot" don't inspire confidence.

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We know you've been waiting for this - another update on our Usability & Productivity goal!

Thanks to the efforts of our developers, you'll be able to precisely adjust the panel height, and move Dolphin's Terminal pane to any part of the window.

Konsole can now blur the background when its window is transparent, and Gwenview works better in Full Screen mode.


As you can see, it's been a busy week! And we'll keep on working. #KDEgoals ⚙️

And that's the difference between KDE who appreciate and respect users, and GNOME who alienate their users constantly.

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Nvidia is like Apple: idiots worshipping proprietary software because competent devs keep working around the issues instead of focusing their energy in more productive ways.

That moment when you check Tails Linux for updates but forget to switch your browser to Private Browsing mode.

RIP cookies.

Instead of deleting my Facebook account, I decided to deactivate my Twitter account, now I challenge @BryanLunduke@mastodon.rocks to do the same.

My Linux From Scratch system with XFS and UEFI boots, yay!
Now to nuke it and install Alpine, because I'm not installing OpenRC from source.

Hang on a sec, did I just compile my kernel without nftables support?

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Firefox tracks its user in the addon page:


Will be changed for only the one that opt-in in the telemetry.

I just love the irony ...

TFW you haven't compiled your own complete system in over a year and you make all kinds of mistakes and have to look up how to fix them. mastodon.social/media/8DwPRrg7

Gonna stay away from Twitter for a while, gonna give Mastodon and Minds a bit more love.

Oh man, QTerminal from the project is so good.

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And the worst part is, udisks2 depends on Python, which simply makes it broken by design.

So YAPC::NA has finished, there's been a ton of neat talks uploaded to the Youtube page, and my favourite, as often is the case, is Damian Conway's Vim talk:

So two weeks ago I put on a 14 year old machine...
With 70G HDD, 512M RAM, and a single core 1600Mhz CPU.

I basically had to create a base system in a VM and copy it over onto the laptop.

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