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I love this #programming tutorials which base on you previous knowledge to gain new skills: for instance this introduction to Perl for Java programmers is very good #perl

I program Java to make money. I program Perl because I love it.

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i did say in episode 1 i would be posting them on twater but i ultimately decided to go mastodon exclusive with my codyrants series since i want it to be aimed at people who care about hearing me rant about tech games and stuff like that

OTOH it's weird seeing people ask "why does Python get so much hate" when it doesn't. Perl gets a lot of unjustified hate (perl is dead, it's line noise, it's unreadable), Python by contrast is the golden child what can do no wrong.

Odd seeing what applications are dependant on Python. Dolphin requires some KIO things which for whatever reason need Python.
DrKonqi needs Python.

It is funny to have Powerline acknowledge people hate Python, though.

Though I have to say, I'm starting to become really fond of awesomewm now, even though I can't make use of the amazing multi-screen support on my laptop.

Laptop on arch, got python (2 & 3) in the IgnoredPkg list. It's a bummer that qutebrowser needs Python, 'cause it's amazing, but I guess I could create my own version if I want.

Gonna let GTK packages on there, as avoiding Python supersedes avoiding GTK.


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