5 stages of grief, which emoji would associate with each of them. I'm at:

My birthday is in October.
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Absolute BEAST of an ethernet cable. This is our first prototype of CAT6a / RJ45 cables.

Clad in MDPCX Blackest Black utilising Telegartner MFP8 connectors this truly is the LEMO equivalent of ethernet… instagram.com/p/CCPDRkdnX92/?i

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Want good start for the week?
"The Art of Code" by @dylanbeattie

It flows through Logo programming language, game of life, fractals, etc ... and ends with musical act, where Dylan plays guitar and sings code.


I don't get it @taehatypes, why aren't you mentioning anything about layouts? Why are so many people attached to a standard ISO or ANSI layout? Why not innovate and experiment with ortho or ergo layouts?
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Why I do what I do

Watch here: youtu.be/Qr3nYR15wxU

Regarding @heyhey's Imbox (see itsnotatypo.com), am I the only one who at first read it as: "I'm box" or "I am box"?
As if it's the inbox that matters the most to *me*, the inbox that it truly personal.

> Your order from X is coming your way

Wait, what did I order again? Which GB is shipping?

Don’t you love how helpful Twitter is?
I love you all!

Cool! I did not expect this to ever happen, but it seems 'use-package might get merged in soon-ish.
Awesome work @jwiegley!

Move over Blue Yeti! 🌊
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Introducing Elgato Wave:1 and Wave:3.

Crystal clear audio. Studio level control.

Your mic. Your mixer. All in one.

▶ Learn More: e.lga.to/wave3

I would normally not recommend a keyboard with row stagger. But if you’re interested, I have a lot of trust in the @DygmaLab Raise.
Get one while still on pre-order discount.

It's pretty impressive @magit_emacs through TRAMP just works.
And if you use SSH agent forwarding, you can even push to remote.

Oh… The @elgatogaming countdown clock for Project Wave is 2 days, 17 hours… Not 2 hours, 17mins…

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New billboards alert! Dax (our mascot) is now in Germany, France, and Spain. Here's the current map of all of our live locations (subject to change): duckduckgo.com/billboards

We've loved seeing pictures of our billboards in your communities — thanks for sharing!

The year is 2023: Apple announces macOS Embedded

25 years after Microsoft.

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If you use Emacs, Clojure or Ruby, maybe send this guy a postcard, a buck or two. He could use our support right now.

Recognizing good people is too, a fight against injustice. Cyberbullying is not.

paypal.me/bbatsov twitter.com/bbatsov/status/126

That was a pretty good stream (aside from the struggle at the start).
Meet again, tomorrow around 9-ish AM CEST?

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Monday I’ll go live around 13:00 CEST.
Meet me at twitch.tv/iotcl
Not sure yet what I will cover, but I’ve got Monday morning to figure that out.

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