Twitter clients have evolved so much over the years, so it seems impossible for Mastodon clients to compete with them. Really unfortunate, cause I’d like to spend more time here.

What’s your favorite OpenStreetMaps app on iOS?

Got an email from my Mastodon instance, suggesting to disable my Twitter cross-poster. And that actually makes a lot of sense. I might do so.

Kunnen jullie het formuliertje even aanvullen indien je telefoontjes krijgt van die +32 4 XXX XX XX X nummers?

I guess was onto something here. (first message on the evah!) $WORK

I’ve been trying to add aria-hidden=“true” on <rb>, but still both are read out loud.

I want to use <ruby> to show the pronunciation and also make screen readers pronounce it correctly.
Any tips on this?

There ain't much other browsers do better than, but it's sure nice when they support text-decoration-skip-ink.

Confession: I sometimes search YouTube for the latest "Steamed Hams" memes.
The find this time:

This way you can place the logo anywhere on your webpage, inline with text. No custom font or sags needed.

Unicode driven logo design. So create a brand logo, that is a composition of Unicode symbols (preferably with moving or rotating glyphs).

What an age we live in.
This robot will paint a room for you. Science is crazy

Found an old sticker. I think the koala still deserved a spot on my laptop.

CSS stands for Computer Science Science.

Yes, it’s that much science.

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