One command I love to use to test some stuff on the CLI is:
cd $(mktemp -d)

A resume you can visit using your browser, curl, or git. I haz it!

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You can clone this git repository containing my complete resume, but when you do, you will get an empty tree.

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Usually I'm not making a lot of fuzz about these pet projects, but today will be different. Feel free to retweet any of the following tweets.

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This shouldn’t surprise people and be the standard instead.
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It's always nice when people discover this. Emacs's self-documenting help system is the best there is.

Merging all the things without running a pipeline.

Overthinking Toon is taking over again today.

Bought me an iPhone 13mini. And I wish it was even more mini.

It has been a while since I bought a book I won't read. Time to do something about that.

Truly creative! Love it!
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Some artwork people have created on my new website since yesterday:

This pink elephant...

I absolutely enjoy working with . Except for using `go` on the command line, it's the worst thing ever.

I really *should* ship this hobby project soon, even though it’s not finished.

TFW you realize you don't have Slack open for the larger part of your day.

I'm biased, but heck I'm digging @gitlab's refreshed logo!
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Started from the bottom now we're here. Talk about a glow up!

TIL: With git interactive rebase you can insert `break` anywhere. Perfect if you want to inject a commit somewhere.
/ht @variableirony

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