Lubed, and filmed, my first ever batch of switches. It was fun. 50 switches in 2h ain’t that bad I’d say.
Now I’m exhausted. G’nite!

Anyone wanna take a bite in this keyset?
RT @maxvoltar
My second set of keycaps is now available. Some tasty tasty nostalgia inspired by 90’s sitcom diners.

RT @bomberstudios
I almost cried watching this video about handmade keycaps 😍

Yes, I now could extend my clothing line with a `git reset` hat.
RT @to1ne
A sweater saying "git pull", how awesome would that be?

git reset HAT

I guess it's time for some vacation. 👋🌴

Double-sided taping my @Steelseries Arctis Pro receiver to the back of my monitor was one of my brightest ideas ever (battery slot facing down). It’s invisible and really convenient to swap out batteries.
Inspired by @P4wnyhof. /cc @HarrisHeller

Sometimes, I’m good at my job. Sometimes…

Giving selectrum/consult/prescient/orderless/embark/marginalia another go. Darn, that's a lot to configure all together.

Last week you can throw money at these nice colored pieces of plastic.
RT @maxvoltar
1 week left to pre-order these keycaps.

I “installed the internet” from a CD-ROM I got at a computer fair.
RT @azeem
Tell me when you first used the Web without giving a date.

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