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background-color: HotPink !important;
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I'm over the moon excited to release my "Debugging CSS" book! 🚀

A book about how to debug CSS, which includes everything you need to know to sharpen your debugging CSS skills.

📘 Get your copy: debuggingcss.com

is awesome. And so is this book. I have version 11 and look up things from time to time.
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**Book Release** @postgresql_007 has published his new book "Mastering PostgreSQL 13". Explore expert techniques such as advanced indexing and high availability to build scalable, reliable, and fault-tolerant database applications using 13: buff.ly/36Ro14N

TIL: the scroll bars on iOS are actually scrollable.

Swipe a bit up or down to make it visible, then tap and hold on the slider, and slide away…

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Two weeks ago I had no idea there was a non-stop round the world yacht race every 4 years.

I still know nothing about sailing, but do like following the race: vendeeglobe.org/en/tracking-ma

I spend a few hours tinkering on Makefiles. Nobody knows why.

It really is. I need one on my next keyboard.
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Scrolling with an encoder knob (I assigned it to Page Up/Down) just feels really good. Highly recommend.

I'm looking for an theme that only specifies more distinctive colors for rainbow-delimiters. Does this exist already?

A great advantage of using dired: on rename/move it updates buffer-file-name of the related buffers.

My first memorable encounter with Connery was Entrapment. It was the first time I went to the theaters with a date.
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To me, he'll always be John Patrick Mason in The Rock.

Connery + Cage = 😍 twitter.com/spectatorindex/sta

That’s it!
You people have stood in my way long enough.
I’m going to build a Dactyl.

Ahha, so it's OBS messing up any playback audio. When I launch it, everything suddenly sounds a lot deeper. I suspect it is related to bitrate?

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