@yisraeldov never mind. It ain’t that good. For example dired is not quite usable.

That feeling when you've got Bluetooth working on GNU/Linux.

With all the fuzz around energy consumption of cryptocurrencies, I'm actually happy I never gotten into crypto myself.

Link sends me to:
financien dot belgium dot be dot portaal45 dot top slash myminfin dot php

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Wow, I got an extremely professional phishing mail from MyMinFin.
People, please be careful. You do *not* need to log in into your bank account to get your tax returns.

I'm so happy to see that from time to time you can always depend on the kindness of strangers.

(yes, now I'm singing youtube.com/watch?v=hvHPv1go75 )

Only 40min of fighting with GIMP to get this done...

Time well spent!

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When undoing the last commit, you better wear this `git reset --hard HEAD~`.

So how do you celebrate your 10th ⚭ anniversary?

We: in quarantine. 😞

RT @bzg2
If you want to contribute to () with a useful, easy (and yes, a bit boring) task, we are looking for someone to take charge of reproducing bugs 🐞 reported to the list:


RT appreciated. 🙏

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