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Is there a course on GYOTD: Getting *Your Own* Things Done?

Come join this team to operate PostgreSQL at Webscale™ !
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I'm hiring @gitlab! If you know PostgreSQL and Ruby on Rails then apply here: and indicate your interest in the Backend Engineer, Database position (or another position if it's a better fit). I'm happy to answer questions in advance. Cheers!

I miss not getting inside on the great talks at .

Keyboard enthousiasts: this hobby is so expensive.

@caps_unlocked: here some trays you don’t need.
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Aluminium Tray Group Buy starts on Monday.

Trays are 80mm (outer diameter) and available in three colours; mirror, smoke and matte black.

Each tray is £16.66(exVAT) / £19.99(incVAT).

Sign up to the interest list below and get 10% off at launch!

I thought naming things in software development was hard. But I just learned the "UK variant" is named:
Variant of Concern 202012/01 (VOC-202012/01)
also known as lineage B.1.1.7 or 20B/501Y.V1

I’m digging this personalized design for the ultimate ergonomic keyboard.
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Maybe I need studio monitors after all.

One of the first software packages I recall publishing is "Cheer-Up Text". It's a mIRC addon that allows you to enrich acronyms like LOL and ROFL.
I'm happy the web archive still has the webpage and screenshot.

It's really , not Postgre!
Thanks Laurenz for teaching us with this nice article and great cartoon.
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This explains everything!

What's the correct name for .

TFW when all tests pass but you didn't expect them to.

And if you really wanna be smart:
Write a test.
Run it on old and new code.
Rewrite history so it’s added before the fix.

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Squash all commits.
Write fancy commit message.
Force push.
And act like you only needed one attempt. 😎
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Your code "works" ... What do you do next?

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Celebrate. 2021 can be formed by multiplying two consecutive primes. What will life be like the next time this is true? (Thanks @DSMac27)

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