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if i ever comment something inappropriate or annoying or whatever god PLEASE let me know. it's not at all my intention but I'm really bad at grasping if something could be interpreted poorly, i literally will not realize until told

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how i cw stuff 

fucking unfollow me right now if you dont

-dig through the ditches
-burn through the witches
-slam in the back of my dragula

instance shopping 

Nationalism is violently insisting that people living on a patch of dirt have a common history while being completely oblivious to what that history is

my love for first-person games probably started with the power fantasy of "walking without crippling pain"

okay what's another good instance to join i have a really neat handle i wanna try out


trans, lewd 

people who state out loud that the beatles are a shitty band are braver than any us marine

the most important thing to know about me is that when i say hwat it's not a typo. it has a very specific meaning. i can't really tell you what it is bc i don't know exactly, but trust me. it's different than what in profound ways i just don't understand them yet

Hormone seller I am going into cis society and I require your strongest hormones

neg, anxiety 

is it gay to marvel? I mean you're literally becoming filled with wonder or astonishment. ☕️

also in case u don't know the chars it's ice bear from we bare bears and woodman from hilda

sorry i can't rly draw cartoons and also i didn't have a brown pen so woodman is just red and green BUT. this seemed like a very important thought to share

are you telling me there are gay women now??
gee whiz what'll they think of next

@toadstoolfuel Here's a 2-word ADHD horror story for you:


And a one-word ADHD horror story just for shits and giggles:


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