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a giant fortune wheel labelled "what will my brain decide to spend energy on this week" and it has about 10 options along the lines of "job" "housework" "appointments" and about 10,000 entries like "sew a pair of pants" "learn everything there is to know about indo-european migration" "write a short story about lemons" etc

some poor fucker trying to aide my productivity: well what about when you did a 1ft x 2ft hyperdetailed graphite copy of a klimt piece in two days? or went on like 3 consecutive backpacking trips one summer?

me: sometimes my brain just decides it wants to so things lol who knows

"do it for urself" this, "do it out of spite" that there's only two things that have ever motivated me to do shit and that's the idea of making someone's life a little easier/better for one fleeting moment and TWO, doing it because i fucking want to

see also,
mentally ill person: i have a mental illness, it will make me do this thing
other person: ur not mentally ill, people are just over diagnosed these days!
mentally ill person: *displays symptoms of their disorder*
other person: wtf???? why are u doing this???

disabled person: i can't do this
abled person: okay, sure
disabled person: *doesn't do it*
abled person: >:0

IKEA but for video games that I've dreamt of that dont exist

The second most important adult moment of my life, after realizing that you can just buy new socks, was realizing that you can stop reading a book if it sucks. That was a breakthrough.

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I think the sides of the torso are an underrated area? Like, just imagine someone drawing a few fingers gently up the side of your tummy, or a large pair of hands picking you up like a teddy bear. A slow coil slinking around your middle up to your armpits and squeezing...

Y'all ever felt bad before? This is shit. What the fuck

Ha! You feeble land dwellers and your, what do you call them? Feet! Ridiculous! If I was an earthen mortal, I would simple grow powerful wings, like the mighty penguin!

Driving on the right to flex on Commonwealth Nations

fishnets are good because they help my crippling disphoria that im not a sexy fish

my laptop is so good i should have known she wouldn't let me down :'}

AJSHDHSK THE NICE DUDE WITH THE EYEBROW PIERCINGS FIXED MY LAPTOP I'M? god I'm so relieved i get to keep using the Beast

Bows on your clothes that don't actually tighten anything is a advertising technique by the Big Bows lobby

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