@haha @jeroenpraat Based on how the feature is presented in the UI, I would assume that synching contacts and group info does indeed require both computer and phone to have an Internet connection.

@jeroenpraat @haha 😊

They must be treating Signal Desktop as an independent/autonomous instance of Signal linked to the same Signal account. Technically I wouldn’t know how this works..

@grin @aral @DC7IA Didn’t Telegram’s MTProto encryption protocol receive some pretty worrying reviews from the infosec community over the years?

@grin @aral @DC7IA I wouldn't say Wire's security is on par with Signal's. People can sign up to Wire without giving away their phone number, that's true, but Signal has some really clever security and privacy features that Wire currently lacks. Here are 3 of them:

Encrypted profiles

Private contact discovery

Sealed sender

@diggita @hannahliu Che cosa vi spinge ad affermare che Telegram in campo di sicurezza informatica è da considerarsi un'alternativa migliore a WhatsApp? Telegram in modo predefinito non protegge nemmeno le conversazioni con crittografia end-to-end..

@jeroenpraat @haha Have you actually tried? Because I just did, and it works.

@jeroenpraat @haha Once set up Signal Desktop should work pretty much as its own device, independently from your phone. It doens't support calls and syncs group and contacts data from the phone, but it doesn't need your phone to be connected to the Internet in order to send and receive messages. Has your experience been different?

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