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Stop putting surveillance devices into your living room. Instead, encrypt your mailbox now: 😃✊

LibreOffice tip of the day: Move paragraphs up and down in a Writer document, without having to cut and paste! Just place the cursor in a paragraph, then press Ctrl+Alt+arrow keys (up/down) - or on macOS, Cmd+Alt+arrow keys

Probably a good time to mention that if you enjoy using you can support it through Patreon:

Or through OpenCollective:

And of course if you're on a different server you can check if your admin also has a Patreon and support them

Unreal. People in the federated timeline are debating whether or not to vote because “voting supports capitalism”. I do understand that there are a lot of anarchists on the fediverse, but not representing your own interests in the legal construct that you have to live under is, well, crazy. Otherwise, you end up looking like a “sovereign citizen” (for entertainment, look that up on YouTube) and no one takes you seriously.

Become informed and vote. Encourage others to do the same.

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