Well... guess I'm here again. The straw that broke the camel's back for me? Twitter removing even the *option* to opt out of their algorithmic "Home" timeline and just view latest tweets instead. I'm just tired of their open hostility towards their users.

Total lunar eclipse, photographed from a rooftop in Düsseldorf's harbor district. Definitely more stunning in person, but these are the best pics I could manage.

Me: Anyone feel like BK for lunch?
coworker A: how about some honest currywurst?
coworker B:

If GitHub were to release Pull-Request-themed t-shirts – would that be merge-andise?

Officially lost the just now. I think I'll declare making it to the 24th of December a good run.

Hey, remember that time the first Google result for "facebook login" suddenly pointed to some article on a random news site and it had thousands of confused comments from people who wanted to log into facebook?

It seems to be goddamn impossible for me to find this story now, can the wisdom of the masses help?

Don't get me wrong, YourKit is wonderful software – but when you have to open it, that usually means something in your software has gone terribly wrong and you're picking up the pieces.

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On the one hand, the fact that I had to reach for YourKit Profiler to investigate an issue today is evidence of the fact that it wasn't the greatest of days.

On the other hand, the fact that it took me maybe half an hour, tops, of noodling around in there to pinpoint the issue exactly made my day a lot better. 😀👍

Programming Sucks – Sehr unterhaltsames, überspitztes, aber eben auch sehr wahres Essay von Peter Welch über all das, was beim Programmieren falsch läuft. Der Text ist von 2014, gilt heute aber noch genau so. eay.cc/2018/programming-sucks/ #blog

OH: "Wir müssen wieder in Deutschland sein – mein Handy hat kein Internet mehr."

Description on their website reads as if someone fell into the buzzword cask and never emerged again :blobpats:

Sitting in a talk at titled "Datomic – the most innovative database you've never heard of" and with every slide in this presentation it becomes clearer that the thing should actually be called AntipatternDB. Am I being trolled right now?

TIL: Netflix's nebula.resolution-rules is magic fairydust that makes stupid gradle classloader issues go away. github.com/nebula-plugins/grad

OH: "Ubuntu – the Windows of the Linux world."

Inspiriert von Mattels zieht Kosmos nach: Das beliebte Aufbauspiel heißt jetzt "Das ist 1 nices Siedlung vong Catan her."

It's official: Summer's gone. I just had to turn on the furnace.

I just made this and I'm kinda proud of myself. First home-baked loaf of bread in quite a while, and certainly the prettiest I've managed yet.

If I were Daniel Carlson, I believe I'd try to find a convenient hole to disappear into right now.

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