Total lunar eclipse, photographed from a rooftop in Düsseldorf's harbor district. Definitely more stunning in person, but these are the best pics I could manage.

Me: Anyone feel like BK for lunch?
coworker A: how about some honest currywurst?
coworker B:

I just made this and I'm kinda proud of myself. First home-baked loaf of bread in quite a while, and certainly the prettiest I've managed yet.

Saw this on Reddit, thought "OH SNAP", then realized that phrase is also a two-word summary of .

Today seems to be a good day to once again tweet this comic. Don't be the asshole in the middle.


RT 🇫🇷 98: France win World Cup
🇫🇷 02: France exit the group stages

🇮🇹 06: Italy win World Cup
🇮🇹 10: Italy exit the group stages

🇪🇸 10: Spain win World Cup
🇪🇸 14: Spain exit the group stages

🇩🇪 14: Germany win World Cup
🇩🇪 18: Germany exit the group stages


RT Awesome, and very graphical, Norwegian info card about password security - ”You don’t use the same brush everywhere, so why do you reuse the same password?”. An excellent question!


Found a particular treat in the fridge at work today. Thanks for the delicious beer,!

RT On this day in 1945, Germany surrenders to the Allies marking the end of the Second World War in Europe. Happy

RT Yesterday I had to teach my students, in under 3 hours, what the EU was and why was happening. It seemed like an impossible task. Then I found this MEP had done it in 2 minutes.

This is very important. Please watch and RT.

RT Okay, so this phrase.

'Virtue signalling' as an accusation is an ad hominem insult trying to make an enemy of decency. They're inferring you and everyone around you believe and act as badly as they do, but are posturing to win favour. It projects their cynicism and discourtesy.

RT This one is unreal:

Chris Brown went all the way to edit one of my drawings and repost it on his 42 million followers account

without credit

Apparently's user tracking has revealed that I talk about… and now I'm getting ads for Franz Kafka audiobooks. Close, but no cigar. 😂

Would somebody please call the and tell them it's 2018

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