The reason seems to be that they want to send people to the right login mechanism instead of having them choose to login via {passwd,google,facebook}. I've seen it in use on Microsoft sites, which direct me to my company's adfs page once I enter my company email address.

Total lunar eclipse, photographed from a rooftop in Düsseldorf's harbor district. Definitely more stunning in person, but these are the best pics I could manage.

Me: Anyone feel like BK for lunch?
coworker A: how about some honest currywurst?
coworker B:

If GitHub were to release Pull-Request-themed t-shirts – would that be merge-andise?

@Brunty it's by my colleague Hendrik – in another of his repos, he collects all kinds of bread recipes. Those are actually what got me into baking my own bread, so I'm not complaining about him putting more baked goods on GitHub.

Hundreds of Linux users just felt the urge to laugh and sob at the same time and have no idea why.

Officially lost the just now. I think I'll declare making it to the 24th of December a good run.

Hey, remember that time the first Google result for "facebook login" suddenly pointed to some article on a random news site and it had thousands of confused comments from people who wanted to log into facebook?

It seems to be goddamn impossible for me to find this story now, can the wisdom of the masses help?

@Brunty I play the same game but with The Pogues' Fairytale of New York. Haven't lost so far. Here's hoping. 🤞

@OsakaJack I've had a quadruple Whopper before, at Manchester Airport if memory serves. It's just too much meat. It becomes this grey, unappetizing, grainy blob after 2-3 bites.

@OsakaJack I understand where your mind went to arrive at this tweet, but I feel like you overshot the goal there.

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