At the end of a tough week, I'm taking solace in the fact that Kristen Bell pronounced "gif" correctly on The Good Place last night, and there's hope for us yet.

I am unabashedly all in for Death Stranding. I am picking up everything Kojima is putting down. The weirder and more enigmatic it gets, the more in I am. Not even sorry.

There are three genres of fantasy world naming systems.

Dutch words
Descriptive shit like 'the ebon deepwoods'

New Mastodon rule that I would like to see:

Don't post images that are primarily, or exclusively, or effectively, pictures of text.

Unless it's, like, a scan of an old book or manual or schematic or whatever, or a sign or something with interesting handwriting or typography - something where you have a *reason* to post it rather than typing.

It's shitty to blind people, to people who pay by the megabyte, and a lot of these pictures of text are either just crappy noise or toxic in themselves.

"We think it’s more important to be right than it is to appeal to the humanity of people we disagree with." --Hannah Gadsby

Came here to post a cat photo. Learned about the Wil Wheaton thing. No cat photo for you, Mastodon.

Is there a way to "follow" instances the way one follows, say, subreddits? It'd be awesome to have a timeline somewhere with stuff from several of my various interests. But hiding all instances EXCEPT those of interest from the federated timeline doesn't seem practical, or desirable for that matter.

Mastodon is not the first online ecosystem for any of us, it’s a chance at a reboot.

So it’s pretty rad that our consensus answer to the question “If given a chance, what would I have done differently online to make for a better future?” is a resounding “be authentic and kind and seek connection with others.”

Since this has come up twice this morning already… the single biggest improvement in my mental well being has been internalizing "you're not required to have an opinion/response to everything".

Lots of stuff isn't in my lane. Lots of stuff I don't have the expertise. It's fine.

I heard this is where the cats go, here are mine posing for their Simon & Garfunkel cover album.

Sometimes you spend two hours trying to debug a certain variable in your code, only to discover the typo was actually in a completely different variable. :headdesk:

You might be a Midwesterner if you unconsciously (and un-ironically) say "please" and "thank you" to your Google Home devices.


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