@zyla @selfagency hard to cover up your own crimes and look like the victim if you don't stir the shit

I just got to rub both of my cat's bellies at the same time, one with each hand, for a good 30 seconds.

I am blessed this day, praise be.

As a not-neurotypical woman myself, I certainly support anyone who needs to block my instance to avoid sensory overload.

Any implication I or anyone on my instance harassed Wil Wheaton (even by liberal standards) or organized harassment is counterfactual. He was suspended from the instance and has been for nearly a week. I did not call for his banning. I expressed irritation at abuse of the reporting system and the effect on my experience here.


@SarahKite @radiocaravan @feminineforms@bofa.lol You are beautiful. Your bathtub pics were genuinely marvelous. I’m sorry you were ghosted on; it’s a cowardly way out of a relationship. Sending you love. ❤️


@trevordrinkwater@bofa.lol @eweish1
Then please talk! This evening has been bad

@Gargron @labpleb @trevordrinkwater@bofa.lol @eweish1 It's kind of disappointing that the whole thing is just "it's all circumstantial".

Also, the reason people keep accusing the mod team of preferential treatment is that it feels like no one would get several days of muting for making a bofa joke at someone who wasn't a celebrity. Not to mention the way that the question keeps being dodged, although it is admittedly a bit loaded.

Is a several day silencing standard tactic for a first offense?

hello please send me good vibes that I find another place to live in the next two days

I've been planning my actually living very poorly

@eweish1 @Gargron whoa I missed that. Fuck Wil Wheaton. It was just a typical bofa joke? You wouldn’t even get in trouble for that on Twitter

peaked in on birdsite for a moment. now crows surround my home and blood pours from the faucet. a sinkhole has opened in my backyard and a seven headed beast emerged from it. my cat pooped on the floor.

well this is interesting. there are some people who apparently take their religion pretty seriously?

i should probably open a wordpad file for notes at this juncture. lotta moving parts here. wheels within wheels.

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‪If you want to understand how things got the way they are in America now ~ watch NETWORK until it sinks in that the 1% took over the News Department in the 60’s & turned it into a “For Profit Entertainment Division” devoted to RATING$ instead of telling the Truth about anything!😳‬


My name is John aka 😎JGB at the horrible place I migrated from I call Birdland

I am an Old School Progressive!
Henry A. Wallace will always be my Hero! 😊

@tobosbunny 😆 I was thinking, being on Mastodon the outcome of your whole day could be determined by which cats you boosted and which you passed by and pissed off! :blobugh: Hope you are pain and cat-scratch-med free real soon.

@lesschinski actually i meant if I don't get 300 followers by tomorrow night I won't burn Jimmy John's down

@tobosbunny Sorry for your pain and med discomfort but thanks for making me 😂 at your fight with ten cats meds description.

Stoopid pain meds should be called itch meds....I look like I got in a fight with ten cats.

I’ll never forgive the internet for training a generation of artists and writers to call what they make “content.”

Boxes have contents. You’re a fucking ARTIST. You make ART. Own it.

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