My attempts at avoiding doomscrolling and living a healthier digital lifestyle:

@tobykurien an interesting concept is "doomscrolling". I'm understand where you are coming from, am nearly there myself

@elperronegro I would love to ear what you have tried and what worked for you

1/2 I have been trying to concentrate more on the federated platforms and less on the "main" traditional socials which have become toxic and no good for the soul. I limit my time each day and focus my attention on interesting subjects. Like you, I don't particularly care about likes/retweets etc. I am more concerned with content/interaction and have started to write more (blog and daily micro-blog).

@tobykurien 2/2 2/2 My father passed away in December (he was 94) it made me realise how important it is to keep notes about your life. Fortunately he left full written memories, which are invaluable to the family. I have started to write a book too which is keeping my brain fully engaged. I also make sure I get daily dose of outdoor life by hiking or just observing nature. Just sitting in the sun is good!

@elperronegro so sorry for your loss. I couldn't agree with you more, nature somehow feeds my soul. Hiking is awesome!

@tobykurien But, I do like new things such as which I don't see as a distraction, just another thing to occupy a lively mind

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