A fairly compelling argument for publishing documents as PDF files rather than as HTML pages.

lab6 Issue 0 (PDF)

@tobykurien this is infuriating because i can't think of any good counter-arguments.

I won't read the arguments since on mobile, from Fedilab app, I have to download the file and read it from another app (and try not forget to delete the page once read).

Too much work for reading some Info's I could have gotten with the integrated browser.


@Zykino @joshim true, but the arguments are worth the effort :-) Not enough to change people's minds, I don't think, but if you like intellectual debates that challenge established beliefs, it's a good read.

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Is it a misconception that PDF are a good vector of attack?

Otherwise yeah PDF websites can be OK as long as browser (even embedded in apps) can show them directly.

@Zykino @joshim the linked article goes into some details - PDF/A specifically is fairly safe (doesn't embed scripts). These days browsers do just display PDFs inline.

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