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SoundCloud CORSed themselves out of their own API this morning which is extremely funny to me

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weekly dora update: dora’s here

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there have been a lot of video codecs havent there. you used to open Corel Pinnacle Garbage Bloatware Studio 15 (it came with your computer) and click SAVE VIDEO and itd say "ok what codec" and give you this list which was like

- windows media video macroblock pulsation edition
- PogMedia Everything-Interlaced 96k
- AVI Video Interleaved with Video
- AVI Audio Interleaved with Video
- AVI Audio Video Interleaved Together

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tfw a bit of rain makes the packetbois angry

when she hear birde above us

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Enough about the #GDPR. Let’s talk about the next challenge, #copyright.
«Forget The GDPR, The EU's New Copyright Proposal Will Be A Complete And Utter Disaster For The Internet»
Julia Reda has an update: «Update from May 25th 2018, 13:37: Member State governments have today adopted their position on the copyright reform, with no significant changes to the upload filters and link tax provisions. It is now up to Parliament to stop them.»