~record scratch~
Bonkey Kong
He's the burger of the lunch, you know him well

shut the fuck up oneplus I never installed this let me live my pathetic life in peace

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the gym is an mmo

- monthly subscription fee
- repetitive tasks for incremental gain
- everyone is obsessed with cosmetics

My friends have a cat that wreaks havoc in their garden that they call "the digging beast". I met him today and well I'm sorry but I am on his side

when you think about it marowak is just a cosplayer

birdsite rant 

birdsite rant 

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circa 1980. "And we concluded that one excellent way to protect people was to collect less information about them."

The team go rocket event for Pokémon Go is hilariously goofy in it's marketing, I love it

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lol bungie wants to tie people to binding arbitration and waiver of class action rights

American law is so broken

My Satisfactory sky-ramp is complete, no more crappy staircases ⚒️

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I don't want to watch your fucking one hour tutorial video where you ramble on about shit!!! WRITE FUCKInG DOCUMENTATION

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