Well, there goes these sweatpants. I just dropped smushed blueberries on them.

I'm listening to a free writing program that I like. It is from Tim Clare. He talks about the lesson then gives you 10 minutes to do the exercise. I'm sticking with it. timclarepoet.co.uk/couchto80kw

Yes, I did just spill dog food all over the kitchen. Think of it as an early present. Or an Easter egg hunt.

Third thing, I was reading Mur Lafferty's book about writing and was much struck by something she pointed out. Our dreams, the stories we write in our heads and sometimes commit to paper, don't make good books. I think that is true. Why is that.

Also, realized the story I began is a backstory, not necessary for the real story.

I think my shopping is done. Now for the wrapping. I enjoy the finished product - it is sort of like exercise for me. I like it when I'm doing it and when it is done but it is a hard activity for me to start.

What a relief it is to open up Mastodon and not have to be mad.

I'm losing interest in my latest WoW toon. I'm up to 110, found Argus was working through it and suddenly... tired of her. I think what I enjoy most is starting a new toon and slowly raising it up.

And now, rather than write, I will kill monsters on WoW.

And then (if that's not enough) I'm taking Hunger Makes the Wolf by Alex Wells. I don't know a thing about the author or book but it was suggested to me at $1.99 and I thought I'd give it a try.

The next one I'm taking is a m/m adventure scifi story - steampunk really. It is written by a friend in the UK that I've known for years. She is good people, also one heck of a writer. She also has a series of hard scifi set in space. Anyway this one (the second in this series) is called The Jackel's House by Anna Butler. I hope you will give her books a try.

The next one, a novel, is Jim C. Hine's latest (and the start of a new series) called Terminal Alliance. It seems to have zombies and a literal clean up crew. I'm looking forward to that. He does humor well.

I am taking a trip to Europe soon and I've been stockpiling some ebooks to take. I'm taking the diverting variety of books because I'm probably going to be tired maybe cranky when I have time to read. I have Gluttony Bay by Matt Wallace - a series of novellas by him about feeding the ah... more unusual clientele.

I'm currently reading The Stone Sky by N. K. Jemisin and it is wonderful. It is the last book in the Broken Earth trilogy. It is unique. I highly recommend the trilogy but you should start with the First one, The Fifth Season.

Anyway to reverse the background color? Not a fan of the white lettering.

I'm a retired librarian, World of Warcraft fan, love tech, fountain pens/paper, reading mysteries and scifi, dogs, travel and (sometimes) mahjongg, I used to write for my pleasure but stopped once politics hit the fan last year. I want to get back to writing and less of the other stuff.


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