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1.17.0 is alive. You might encounter bugs because this release has huge changes.

Have fun with and your Mastodon accounts :)

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I released 1.16.0

What's new:

## Changed

- Live updates working with wss  protocol (on https) with streaming URL (Whole system changed).

- New video player to make compatible with all devices

## Added

- Possibility to allow live updates only when the app is running (Default: disabled)

And some other improvements thanks to your reports.

I might need some helps on Gitlab to manage/close issues. If some people knowing well the app and gitlab are OK for helping me on that point? No technical knowledge are needed. Thanks.

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@tom79 Ah.. Maybe I could relax the username character whitelist for remote accounts but they wouldn't be mentionable because in human text - is often used and not everyone is careful about spaces around punctuation

Hi @Gargron
I started to federate Peertube channels but it sounds that Mastodon refuses to federate account names using "-". Is there a special reason? Because default Peertube channel names are set to their uuid containing "-". Thanks for helping.

I published the release 1.17.5
What's new:

- channels can be followed. They are federated like Mastodon accounts.
- Profiles for Peertube accounts now show two tabs: videos and channels.
- The bottom left icon has been reorganized so that data are gathered in lists / Mastodon instances / Peertube instances / Peertube channels.

Sorry, I didn't know that was down and I posted twice the same query on issue trackers.

Currently, followed instances are attached to an account. But I think it should be shared with all connected accounts. What do you think about that?

I published the release 1.17.4 that allows to bookmark videos.

This release also fixes some black screens for videos and crashes when changing the resolution for some devices.

It also fixes the issue for the federation between Pleroma and Peertube for comments.

I would need feedback concerning the search feature with (release 1.17.3 of Mastalab). Do you encounter 502 errors when you add several words? If yes, please add info to this thread. Thanks :)

I published the release 1.17.3

What's new:

- Search feature now works for on remote instances.
- Video resolutions can be changed.
- Warn when a video doesn't accept comments.
- Fix an issue with filters.
- Some other fixes.

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will need the help of translators. If you have a little time for contributing, details are here:

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@tom79 @pixelfed Hello! We are implementing the same API as Mastodon, and it should be out soon. The registration on will re-open tomorrow.

Hi @pixelfed
I would like to add a support to pixelfed with Mastalab like I did with Peertube. Is there a way to start with the API? I wanted to register but I got a 403 error.

I published a fix for recent crashes in 1.17.2
Also, it fixes an issue with tag timelines when DM timeline is hidden.

1.17.0 is alive. You might encounter bugs because this release has huge changes.

Have fun with and your Mastodon accounts :)

Next release of will allow you to fully interact with videos and accounts with your Mastodon accounts.
- Full screen
- Comment / Reply to comments
- Boost / Add to favorites
- Open the conversation
- Follow accounts

The plugin has a new logo. Thank you to @Gynux for the work 👍

I am looking for someone who could draw a logo for the plugin (
Boosts appreciated :)

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We finally released #PeerTube v1!

Please upgrade ASAP: it fixes a vulnerability regarding HTTP signature.

Until the end of the year, we'll work on v1 support/bugfixes and add some moderation tools

Have a nice week 😋

In the last release of the plugin, you can display Mastodon comments even if you don't allow comments from your site.


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