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My new resolution for 2019:

Make work with

- When a Peertube account will be connected the interface will be different but cross-account actions and quick account switcher will allow to manage both Mastodon and Peertube accounts.

- Pixelfed will require less work because it already use the same API.

I published the small fix when opening details of a toot (nothing was clickable). It's available in 1.65.2

v1.2.0-rc.1 fixes the transcoding issue with uploads from
Now, videos are federated when they are uploaded with the app 馃帀

I noticed a bug when opening details of a toot (not boosted ones), links, emoji and tags are not clickable. Sorry, it's fixed (version affected: 1.65.1).

I brought several fixes for some devices with

- Crashes when displaying channels
- Search feature didn't work
- Upload fails (Android 4+ and 7)

I will work on notifications. So don't hesitate "to spam" this account: @tom79
Thus, I will be able to work on pagination and everything related to notifications. Thanks.

I worked on a custom layout for , you will be able to use it and interact with your Mastodon accounts. I attached a short video to show you that.
When the api will be ready, you should be able to see your home, the local and the notification timelines for Pixelfed accounts.

PS: It's an example from the follow instance feature. That will be faster if you connect directly your Pixelfed account.

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Working on support allows me to deeply change pieces of code for making future integrations easier.
I am working on a replicable process for different layouts and API if needed.
I hope to finish soon.

added an extra parameter that will allow the app to know it's a pixelfed account and customize the layout.
Thanks @dansup for adding that 馃憤

Curious to know what feature is the most important for you :

A - Follow remote instances
B - Customize tag timelines in media only
C - Connect your Peertube accounts
D - Other

Extra : What could be improved for your choice?

@pixeldev How it would be possible to return an extra value in account entities telling they come from (ie: {social:pixelfed} for every instances).
If someone connects his/her Pixelfed account to the app, I would not be able to know if it's a Mastodon ones or not (due to the same API use - even if I add an extra checkbox, it could be bypassed).
That extra parameter will help me to customize the app for Pixelfed accounts.
Or, a last solution would be a different path in the OAuth URL.

Here we go for a release that fixes some bugs 1.65.0.

- Fix refresh token issue for
- Fix crashes with Peertube Overview
- Fix URL issue when opening statuses from another app
- Fix an issue when image are zoomed and closed when scrolling down
- Apply new unfollow button colors in other list of accounts
- Issue with counters for fav/boost in notifications tab
- Add more explanations for domain block.
- Fix some crashes

I am fixing a bunch of bugs...
For information, the bug with and the error 401 will be definitely solved.
A piece of code was overriding the refresh_token value, so the app couldn't refresh the token when it expired :blobpeek:

Of course, boosts could follow the same way.

I become to be interested to queue toots. The idea is to have your stack of toots inside the app. And it work in a FIFO way with a frequency that you defined (>= 15 min) in a time slot that you can also define (I need to find an easy way to reorder toots in the stack).
I also need to check how the app can benefit of the new schedule feature from server side to avoid the garbage collector.

I published release 1.64.2
What's new :

- Delete videos
- Sort videos and add a title in Overview timeline for Categories, Channels and Tags
- NSFW control for Peertube videos (settings, default enabled).
- Tags can be edited for Peertube videos
- Fix an issue with boost/fav actions for Mastodon
- Unfollow button more visible (red)
- Fix an issue when editing private videos on Peertube

I lost half of my hairs, but that's solved. 馃檮

I can't fix this issue for editing tags on videos. Every other parameters are updated and I don't get an error 400. Tags are the only parameters not updated.

So I will really need your help for fixing that. Thanks

PS: don't hesitate to boost :)

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