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Do you know that you can mention a toot with the app?
Click on the drop-down menu of the toot, then mention. The app will take a screenshot of the toot with its URL and will mention the owner. It's cross-platform, so don't worry.

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You can archive your old toots locally on your device. That allows you to read them offline and to filter them by date range, keywords, etc. It will help you to find what you posted months ago :)

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Don't lose your time by switching from an account to another one, just to find a toot for a reply, a fav or a boost.
allows you to do it quickly with a long click on the reply/boost/fav buttons. It will work even if the toot is unknown by the other instance

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People often ask me how to increase text and icon sizes. So, there is the trick:
- Open the left menu
- Click on the three vertical dots
- Click on "Text & icon sizes"
- Increase percentage.
That's all :)

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If you want to see the absolute date & time of a particular toot, just tap the relative time that is displayed on it, the absolute date and time will then be displayed for 5 seconds, before reverting back to the relative time.

See screenshots.

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When launching the app for the first time, an opt-in pop-up is displayed for notifications. You can change what you selected in settings -> notifications.
Also, don't hesitate to customize the time range for notifications and the type of notifications that you want to receive.
If you don't like live notifications, you can disable them in the first settings tab.

Weird! When I try to update the profile I no longer get an error (status: 200 + account in response). But nothing is updated...
What is going wrong with my PATCH call? I use the "httpsurlconnection" to build the query. I stopped to send profile & banner pictures through base64 encode, and I use byte array. Did someone already meet this issue?

I will need the help of an admin to catch an error with the app. When uploading a new banner or a profile picture, it sounds that instances return an error 500. It would help me to know what is going wrong with my call to "update_credentials" because I didn't change this piece of code. Thanks for helping.

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Big update today: @Tusky 1.6.1, @tom79 1.8.6, #conversations 2.1.1, #BRouter 1.4.11, @nextclouders 3.1.0 @fdroidorg 1.2.1 and many more!

I published the release 1.8.6. The bug with the orientation of the media is fixed. Thanks to testers :)

Also utm parameters are automatically removed from URLs. It might need some improvements, so don't hesitate to share your feedback.

Other fixes:
- Jpg/png issue.
- URL detection


I would like to bring an improvement by removing automatically utm that are in some URLs. I opened an issue for that, if you have some ideas concerning the regex that will be used to cover this issue, don't hesitate to share them. Thanks

Do you know that you can use instances with the app? Just set up the proxy. It is as simple as that. 

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Does someone have knowledge with ? What changes do I need to apply in the privacy policy even if the instance owns data? What about boosts that can be cached inside the app? Do I have to remove cache for them? I am quite lost. Any advices would be appreciated. Thanks.

Do you know that "sensitive" data are obfuscated when you use the Yandex translation feature in Mastalab?
The app uses MyTransL an open source library:

I hope, I will be able to extend it to other translation API.

Big thank you to @lambykun who created the banner for Mastalab!!

Do you know that you can mention a toot with the app?
Click on the drop-down menu of the toot, then mention. The app will take a screenshot of the toot with its URL and will mention the owner. It's cross-platform, so don't worry.

The android app Exodus Privacy is available on Google Play.

Few months ago, they helped Mastalab to remove a tracker that was introduced by a library.

If you want to help :

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Do you know someone who could help me draw a banner for the playstore app?

I want to add the ability to follow other instances. The piece of code that is used for cross-account actions should help for interactions (replies/boosts/favorites) whatever the account used. I need to see edge effects, but it sounds possible.

I published the new release 1.8.5

You can hide the bookmark button, but it is still available in the scrolling menu of the toots.
Also you can now hide media manually.
There is a bug fix when sharing URLs.

I have been warned about the urgency to add a feature allowing to hide previews manually. It will be in the next release with a bug fix when sharing links.

Even if it's a small update, I will publish it today or tomorrow.

Thanks for your feedback.