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Dear veterans!

It would be great if some of you would volunteer to keep an eye on and similar hashtags (you can pin them),

As well as keep an eye on your Local Timeline (no matter the server) and welcome new people onboard! There are a lot of "hello world" messages popping up, and we can all help with greeting these people and them into the herd!

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Please direct your friends to or another instance of your choice like, or, etc. is "default" choice for a lot of people and it's getting kinda hammered right now.

I created a project on Crowdin for localizations. It should be more convenient for people who want to help, there are useful tools.

That's great to see that Crowdin offers fully free plan for open source projects.

I published a release on the beta channel. It will allow to receive live notifications.
Fdroid users can also test the apk here:

The notification issue is fixed in release 1.5.8

There are also some improvements - Thank you for the suggestions.

Release notes:

The new release 1.5.6 is available.

Release notes:

It seems there was an error during the compilation with Fdroid (1.5.5). I will investigate.

I started to write a wiki on github. I will add the most frequently asked questions.

Je vais introduire la suggestion des emojis personnalisés dans la prochaine version.
Actuellement, il suffit de commencer par ":" + un caractère et ils sont suggérés comme pour les tags/mentions. Mais j'ai peur que ça ne soit pas pratique. Une idée ?
PS : l'application fonctionnera comme un aspirateur, dès qu'elle verra un emoji elle sera en mesure de le reproduire. Donc il faudrait peut être que je laisse la possibilité de désactiver ce comportement ?

The new release will come soon with new layout improvements. Also, it will allow you to pick up accounts to mention for a reply and you will be able to add a description to your media.

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s/o to our friends at who helped fixing the autocorrect issue 💙 @tom79

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I just see now that #Mastalab 1.5.4 has been released yesterday!

Met belangrijk nieuws voor de Nederlandstalige tooters onder ons!

What is new:
- Custom emojis support!!!!!!!!
- Improves cross-account actions!
- Display more replies in conversations!!
- Fixes jumps in federated timeline!!
- Nederlandse vertaling, met dank aan jeroenpraat !!!!!! (dat ben ik dus!)
- Fixes notifications issue with Android O
- Fixes some other minor bugs

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Finalement la vue du compte de est encore plus jolie avec des icônes sur les tabs 😍

Vous trouvez pas ? 😎

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Pour tout ceux qui veulent suivre l'évolution du redesign de ,
toutes les maquettes sont disponible sur la plateforme (

Vous pouvez également laisser un commentaire si vous avez un avis constructif à me partager 😘

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