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I made another short video to show how cross-account actions work. Their purpose is to avoid switching between accounts. (I switched here only to show results).
Example will show compose, reply, follow and boost.

Ok. I added content descriptions to each image and each image button. There are some new strings to translate. Thanks for your help.

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Appel à contribution :
Aux utilisateur·trice·s qui souhaiteraient nous aider à traduire l’application #Mastalab pour le réseau social libre #Mastodon en #kabyle (s #taqbaylit), ça se passe sur ce lien :

I just noticed that I forgot to publish 1.39.0 on Google Play. That's fixed.

I am fixing every content descriptions that are missing. I was warned that the app was unusable for Talkback users.

Really sorry for that.

There will be new strings to translate soon. Thank you to 's translators

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I have launched new plans and pricing for

Nothing will change for current subscribers, active subscriptions will continue with the same price and conditions.

Until December 30 the old plans will still be active for new subscribers.

You can read about it here:

Any questions, please let me know.

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@Gargron How most popular accounts feature works: ?
Will the API be ready for the "explore" feature?

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Test toot. I will schedule a boost on this toot in 20 minutes (+/- 5 minutes)

Test toot. I will schedule a boost on this toot in 20 minutes (+/- 5 minutes)

@framasky Petite question. Si dans pouet-it-from-ci, je remplace "${CI_PROJECT_NAME}" par "\#${CI_PROJECT_NAME^}"
ça va bien écrire "" au lieu de "mastalab"?

So here we go for some fixes and improvements.
Now, the compose and follow instances buttons are hidden when scrolling down. It should be more confortable when reading timelines.
For the long toots, mentions are reported in every toots when they are split in replies.
Long press on buttons is now fixed for cross-account actions.
The bug with timelines is fixed when some of them are hidden.
And other crashes are fixed. Especially those on instances using a custom API.

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The new bot for Mastalab that warns about new releases is alive:

Thank you to @framasky for "pouet-it-from-ci"


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I really like the new art timeline from #mastalab. Great work from @tom79.

- I fixed the cross-account actions (you currently need to click on the counter instead of the icons).
- I fixed some crashes.
- compatibility
- Hide compose and follow instances buttons when scrolling down.
- I need to fix some behaviors when hiding timelines.
If you notice some emergency bugs, let me know.

To users. Recent changes in Mastalab brought some issues due to the custom API. Currently, I fixed crashes (when opening details of a boost). I also noticed an issue for missing profile pictures. These fixes should be in the next release. cc @thurloat (and thanks for letting me create the account on your instance).

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just noticed there's a new tab on : the art timeline! 🎨

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I like the recent improvements to . The interface is getting cleaner every week.
Nice Job @tom79

If you want to pin a tag, just click on the "+" button at the top right of a search. You will have a new timeline on your home page.

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