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I created a GoFundMe for helping me to buy the computer at

It's for a Librem 15 version 4 (Only if I get enough funds otherwise, any other ideas are welcomed). Thanks.

Before releasing the improvements with and , I would like to use the beta-channel and the apk build from CI.
So if you are a beta tester using these networks, please let me know so we can exchange on bugs. Thanks.

users will be able to use groups.
Group names will be clickable in posts for opening the corresponding timeline.
I added an entry in menu for an easy access to your groups.

I wil try to implement that on when I will manage to make it work with the web app :)

@tuxedocomputers 👀

I am installing Android Studio :)
Thank you to all people for donations 🙏 and to Tuxedo for their discount 👍
This computer is amazing! Incredibly fast.
I will publish more pictures in an article :)

Wow. I just release that the app didn't allow conversation threads for and users :blobpeek:
That's now fixed.

To users. I release the fix for the pagination issue. It should be available soon via stores and in few days via . (1.74.1)

Also, this release introduces the custom sharing feature.
More about it at:
For an easy installation from server side:

Sorry, I am late with the release. I worked on a server side solution for webmasters that want to use the custom share feature.
It's released here
It's an original idea of @crockwave

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#P2play is an unnofial android client for #Peertube
You can watch, comment, subcribe to channels and more!
Download it on

Tomorrow, I will publish the fix for Pleroma users. Also, you will have the "custom sharing" feature introduced by @crockwave
You can have a look to his article on Fedilab website to know more about it.

To users. I am sorry, I introduced a bug with the pagination that it is now fixed. I will publish the new release soon.

I finally installed (it's the source code from the dev branch, so unstable). I hope it will help me for my future tests.

1.74.0 has been released.

What's new:
- ad/tracking blocker for the built-in browser.
- Simplified login process.
- Console mode.
- Fix the authentication issue for and on some devices.


Hey specialists :)

I can federate accounts via /main/ostatussub but how can I federate any statuses? It seems it is only available with profiles:

Also, why I can't federate accounts?

I would like to offer the follow remote instance feature for GNU.

So with your feedback, there are two features I have to work on for :

- : allow videos to be run in background with a media controller in the top bar. And I will add the ability to create your Playlist.

- and implement groups feature.

The app will have soon a new "custom sharing" feature. This work is from


I added an indicator for the number of blocked calls and the ability to display blocked URLs.

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Reminder: there is a mailing list for #PeerTube administrators in which you are notified of releases and where you can ask for help to maintain your instance:

(if you don't have a peertube instance and have questions, please use the forum ( instead)

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