I am testing P2Play app. A peertube app from @p2play
It sounds great!

@tom79 @p2play Any way I can test, too? 😊 Or is it not ready for non-debugging purposes? I'd love to dogfood 😊

I don't know if @p2play has a signed apk. I compiled from sources

@madestmadness Yes, go to oficcial repo and go to Realeases, here we have the downloads!
@madestmadness @tom79 Yes, in the gitlab repository you can download the apk!

It's a good start! I don't know the API and what's possible to do.
Also, I don't know how videos are displayed (webview?). If yes, I think catching the stream will give more possibilities for managing full screen mode.

@tom79 @p2play Huh. You have a nice little avatar for longed in. I don't have that although it says I successfully logged in. I wonder if there is a difference between apk and source.

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