I made another short video to show how cross-account actions work. Their purpose is to avoid switching between accounts. (I switched here only to show results).
Example will show compose, reply, follow and boost.

Now how about a consolidated timeline? Or quick account switches on the timeline header icons?

More details about what you expect on a gitlab issue would help.

@tom79 this is a very nice feature! thanks!

However, I found this video is not very clear. Some texts inside the video would be very helpful (but I understand this is more time consuming for you).

In fact I was not able to use cross-account actions because I didn't understand that it is necessary to press and hold the action to activate cross-account behaviour of an action... I made only a normal (short) press, then only the active account worked...

Thank you again!


I totally agree that #Mastalab's #Bookmarking #feature is sooo cool & essential in itself that it warrants its very own short video... ;-)

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