I might need some helps on Gitlab to manage/close issues. If some people knowing well the app and gitlab are OK for helping me on that point? No technical knowledge are needed. Thanks.

What exactly do you wish us to do? Close issues that where already fixed /implemented?

Yes, close issues if this is something that already exists. Or put label/priority on issues.
Replies to ask more details if needed.
It could be also nice to help people that don't use gitlab by opening issues with the toots containing or

Don't worry, I know and there are no Google stuffs :)
What's your gitlab account?


Keep it as free as possible 😉 for my small projects I switched to A lot of issue reporting will be gone since people don't create accounts elsewhere. Problem solved 😇

Have you thought about direct payments for mastalab? Right now there is no real alternative since LP lost mangopay

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