I published the release 1.19.0.
What's new:
- Full redraw of the light theme
- Some changes in color schemes
- UI improvements for the notifications timeline (all themes)
- Direct messages more visible in notifications.


- Bookmark button
- Application names in toots

Hey, I found/experienced a few bugs in the previous release, will test to see if they occur in the new one too. Question: What's the best way to submit bug reports, via GitHub or mailing list or something else?

If you can submit them on gitlab? It would help a lot.

@tom79 App dies every few seconds now. Even after reinstalling the app.

Are you running the last one. I got an issue when publishing yesterday. Make sure Play store doesn't suggest another one. Please, let me know.

Also, hashtags are a darker blue and boost specifiers are in bold now!

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