I published the release 1.37.0
What's new:
- Boost and fav buttons are now animated.
- Art timeline (can be hidden in settings).

This release also fixes crashes when writing tags on some devices.

For Art timeline:
- Clicking on the media will open the media activity.
- Clicking on the avatar will open the profile.
- Clicking on the author name will open the conversation (for interacting with the toot that contains the media).

@tom79 does this timeline account for NSFW images? just curious

Currently not. But I want to add an option in settings to remove automatically media having NSFW if checked. I can also check tags to see if they contain some keywords that could help to filter adult content.

Thank you for all your work, the art timeline works very nicely 😊

@tom79 How is the Art timeline populated? Just all attached files from people we're following?

This update seems to have disabled the ability to tap-and-hold to fav or boost from another account, for me. I'm not sure why :/ Maybe I'm doing something wrong.

I will fix that asap. Thanks for the report.

For information, if you use non compact mode (default one). Click on the number instead of the boost or fav buttons. It will work. But I will fix that asap.

Thanks for the tip 😊 Glad it's being dealt with, and glad I could help!

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