reached the top 10 in Google PlayTrending (France) for social apps.
I guess some people left Twitter and Tumblr.
Welcome on , a network without tracking.

@tom79 Bien joué ! 👍

T'as des stats de téléchargement depuis le play store ou c'est exclusivement réservé à Google ?

Oui, j'ai des stats mais j'avoue que je ne vais pas trop voir. C'est le nombre de demandes de support via l'app qui m'a fait tilter.
Les récentes évolutions rendent invisible les précédentes installations tant la croissance est forte (plus de mille installations en une journée)

Now they just need to go one step further and use @fdroidorg 😉

By the way, does fdroid publish stats? It can be a great motivation tool for developers to know how many people use their work

No there is no stats. It would mean tracking downloads, that won't be froid with such feature :)
Yes, it's nice to see that the app is used, it's rewarding. Bur honestly, I can spend a lot of time fixing an issue that only one person reported it to me :) So the number doesn't really matter for me :)

@tom79 Admirable attitude! Keep going.

(Don't be upset I'am a Tusky user - I think your work is important anyway)
@ScriptFanix @fdroidorg

Having choice is what free software is all about. So yeah, use tusky if it meets your needs 😉
@tom79 @fdroidorg

No we don't publish stats (nor keep them internally -- we don't track you!)

If you want to help implement some cool and ethical alternatives, check out:


#FDroidPub #FDroidComments #FDroidRatings

Great projects! I don't have the skills to participate (I'm a sysadmin, not a developer), but I'm glad to know you've taken initiatives on that matter.

@fdroidorg Publishing (and keeping) stats and tracking users may be unrelated. Moreover, not having stats is deficiency, and not an advantage. More details - in this discussion:
@ScriptFanix @tom79

@AndStatus @fdroidorg
I don't understand why the number of downloads will help for the development. I think it can deserve young apps. People might prefer use apps with more downloads.

@tom79 This is why I provided the link to the quite long already discussion :-)
In short, it's not only about number of downloads...

@tom79 I just noticed: this Conversation started with your screenshot, containing *stats* from Google Play. That stats are obviously make you, the Developer, proud of yourself, it generates positive feedback from your users... and that "trending" stats don"t require "tracking users", this is just clever anonymous algorithm.
Why cannot have similar or maybe even better statistics, so we could refer to _it_ instead of to Google Play?

@fdroidorg @ScriptFanix @tom79

Well you can download the alternative client G-Droid from the F-Droid repo. Is has ratings, and since they are free from user interaction they have no privacy issues and are free of spam.

Here is a link to the project page:


@tercean @tom79
I see good trends is both France and Germany for this and for ditching Google and opposing digital colonization from foreign big IT companies, namely for Qwant search engine @Qwant

@tom79 Seem right. The more the better.
But ... before fixing the bugs in the notifications and the timelime.
Thank you. :neko_sunglasses:

C'est largement mérité. Faut dire qu'avec une release par jour, c'est juste impressionnant.


Even though I saw it being advertised as an alternative, and saw the massive jump in users yesterday, it's still not really sinking in. Wow.

@tom79 Twitter is not good for art and it's just not for me and tumblr sucks ass currently.

@tom79 May I interject for a minute, what you are referring to as mastodon is in fact called the fediverse. A group of servers running software such as pleroma or GNU social. Any software comparable with o status or activity pub can join and communicate with the network. Please refrain from using the word mastodon to describe the network as it is incorrect.

Of course, I fully agree. I was more focused on Mastodon because the app was initially built for it (Play Store Store description).
I think people heard about Mastodon and the second step is to discover the fediverse.

@tom79 of course, mostly of the people only went to tumbrl because of the nsfw haha

@tom79 Came here in late March - before the big Left Twitter Exodus in August - after being sent to the Twitter Time-Out Corner for the fourth time for talking mean to a celebrity, or something, and recieving my Russian Influence Threat Letter.

@tom79 I tried using the app, but it wouldn't seem to allow me to click any sort of submit type b. I figured it might have been overwhelmed or something, and I'd try again later

@tom79 Sweet. Congrats! 👏

With its cool features, Mastalab has taken my Mastodon experience to another level. Don't need anything else. 👍

I think it might be because of "yelow jackets".

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