Hey @thurloat
Any chances for updating I got some reports but that seems to be related to the version of the instance (1.4.1). Thanks

@tom79 unlikely. we forked around 1.1 for some local feature adds and were able to keep up with releases til' there was a substantial rewrite upstream of both api and frontend code.

what is the issue with the instance you're seeing? clients have been running and connecting to us for ages.

@thurloat I guess a parameter added to an entity that is not supported and make the app crash when opening toot details. I will create an account on your instance to fix that issue on the app.

Art timeline works well on your instance :)
Well, the bug is for boosts. I will catch it.

What features did you add? 🙄🤔 Would be awesome if you can tell a little about it.

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