@tom79 What makes following a mastodon different from Misskey, pleroma or peertube?

@dragnucs What I mean is they use the same APIs and AP protocol, and attract pretty much the same people (those who will even consider using the #Fediverse instead of [or in addition to] #Corpocentric #Lockiverse platforms like #Facebook, #Instagram, #Twitter).
@maiyannah @lnxw48a1 @dragnucs I had a sandwich earlier that could be considered ActivityPub compliant. 

It at least federated with a lot of instances to the same level that ActivityPub federates with them.

@tom79 Awesome, bonne nouvelle ! Users will be able to follow their favorite #Misskey instances and interact :blobaww: with #Misskey notes, at least in a basic way :)

That's all good for the Fediverse ✨

I need to fix:
- Pagination
- Mentions in notes (if possible)
- Some edge effects when notes contain URLs

Otherwise, looking at a profile and conversation already work.

Only for interaction supported for now?

Not able sign in with it?


Yes, @noorul

@ibrokemypie is making the app work with Misskey. I guess a first release will be available soon.


@tom79@mastodon.social @noorul@noorul.us.to I can upload an apk now if you like, most functionality is there and the app is totally usable for *most* things!

@tom79@mastodon.social good idea!
would prefer to change the icon and app name and such first though so that it can be used alongside mastalab

the eventual goal is to get all of the api sorted out so that making a pull request to
add misskey support to mastalab upstream, rather than replace mastadon support, is viable

Yes. A new icon would be welcome like the app name.
For other api issues I will help. Also, how can you synchronize my changes with the app so that you can get last features?

@tom79@mastodon.social thats what i am clueless about, thats why making a pr for upstream is the ultimate goal, so we wont need to

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