My new resolution for 2019:

Make work with

- When a Peertube account will be connected the interface will be different but cross-account actions and quick account switcher will allow to manage both Mastodon and Peertube accounts.

- Pixelfed will require less work because it already use the same API.

You will be able to follow this work here. I added these elements in the milestone

I think authentication should be ok tomorrow.
Client id and token work great, db is ready. I just need to adapt the code to insert the peertube account. That will allow me to improve the existing.

I cross my finger that ist working well and come soon

@tom79 J'ai migré sur iOS donc je ne pourrai malheureusement plus trop donner de feedback sur l'app, mais parce que c'est la meilleure app à mon goût sur Android je vais continuer de partager les nouveautés et continuer à suivre :blobheart:

Nice @tom79 👍 I think this should be written down into separated mini-tasks to make things more visible to not get lost :)

Currently there are *no* peertube apps that allow upload of videos. Will you make the first?

Ah c'est pas moi qui fonctionnait pas c'était juste pas encore dans l'app ^^

LE truc qui me manque c'est d'avoir une notification quand quelqu'un commente une de mes vidéos.
@rigelk @Chocobozzz Juste un chiffre sur fond rouge pour les commentaires non lus dans la page mes vidéos serait une grande aide!

Et si je peux me connecter depuis Mastalab et voir les commentaires apparaitre dans ma file 🤩😻

@tom79 Well that was quick! Just to make doubly sure, this means currently we are able to follow instances (like pixelfed), but not yet sign into accounts? It's been a bit hard to nail down exactly what stage I'm looking at (I'm new to pixelfed and haven't used masto much until now).

Pixelfed should work with the app as soon as the API will be available.
Following instances doesn't need account on them. Everything will be automatically federated with your current instance.

@tom79 Hello, not sure of the process to connect to peertube. I don't have the radio button "peertube instance", and in peertube's logs, it's error 400 for POST /api/vi/apps, I probably miss something, but what? (Mastalab, 1.62.1, PT 1.1.0)

That's an awesome resolution, and a killer app for the fediverse:) centralized services can't do that!

@tom79 looking really for that moment when to use @pixelfed

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