Btw: did you know that you can become a sponsor for the creators of your favourite client?!
Support @ConnyDuck, the creator of @Tusky Android app (
or @h3poteto, the creator of the crossplatform desktop client (
Do you know some more?

@dubst3pp4 @tom79 @mastalab @Tusky @ConnyDuck How can I make a 1-time donation for #mastalab? Even better: do you have a BTC or ETH wallet?

Done via PayPal with ACH. The fee for me was $0.99, I wonder how much it will cost to cash it out in EUR?
@ConnyDuck @Tusky @mastalab @tom79 @dubst3pp4

@tom79 Thank you for developing a great mobile app, this is exactly what the #fediverse needs to go mainstream in 2019!

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