@tom79 Like for the PixelFed integration, I feel it’s very hard to tell where is the separation between two different posts — my brain just can’t make sense of the TLs you show on your (really cool) explanation videos.

We won't talk about pixelfed that can't work currently because the public timeline still needs a token (as soon as it will be fixed on their side, the app will work). I am not sure to clearly catch your misunderstanding about posts. The app allows to federate messages (statuses, notes,...) from other instances (Mastodon, Pleroma, Peertube, Misskey, and soon pixelfed) with your Mastodon account - 1/2

@melunaka So if you interact with a message (clicking a profile, boost, reply, fav, etc..) it will be automatically federated with your instance. I am introducing Peertube, but it's a different API, so you do need an account on it for using this part (ie: rating videos, upload videos). But you can follow a peertube instance or channel with your Mastodon account and comment videos. - 2/2

@tom79 It’s *visually* difficult to understand where a post start and ends when the preview of the video also shows a TL, it just looks like a mess of grey

Ah ! Sorry, that was an UX issue :)
@mmarif might help me on this part.

@tom79 @mmarif Maybe you should just show a TL with different videos for the explanations, so it’s not confusing for the people who don’t know the UI beforehand.


The current UI for videos has never been worked by @mmarif
He made an amazing job for the current UX for Mastodon that was horrible. So, I am pretty sure that he would help on it in the future :)

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