@tom79 A video uploaded with Mastalab, showing you uploading a video with Mastalab. Really meta 😅​

@tom79 That's awesome! Any idea when this will make it to Fdroid?

I need to improve some layouts. But I should publish it soon. So this week-end, it should be available on fdroid.

Sorry but I can't connect with Mastalab to Peertube.
My client Version is on the picture

Shouldn't "language" default to the local language rather than the top of the list? Otherwise, excellent work!

@tom79 I think something is wrong with your video, or with the upload functionality. It is still showing as transcoding, which it definitely isn't. Haven't found anything in the logs because Peertube is spamming too much and I can't find a way to filter properly.

It could also have something to do with the video file, which shows as 540p90000 (so 90000 fps apparently).

@tom79 this problem means that the video wont be transcoded for streaming and lower resolutions, and it wont show up in peertube unless you have the direct link. it also wont be federated to other instances.

@nutomic I checked and the app sends the parameter "waitTranscoding" = "true" like the website. I am not sure about what's happening, but I confirm that videos remain in transcoding state, like if this part failed without exit state.

@tom79 Okay found it, some error from Peertube, probably something wrong with the input file. Any idea how to reproduce it?


@tom79 Right, just wondering if you have any more info that might be helpful. Otherwise I can open an issue with that.

@nutomic yes, I will bring details on the issue. Piece of code that I use.

@tom79 Then just open the issue yourself, I already created too many :D

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