When I see the change logs for 2.7 not yet finished 😳

- Ok, I quickly need to plan the schedule feature from the server side (client side will be kept).
- I need to create a registration page inside the app.

- I hope pixelfed will be late, because I don't know how I will be able to bring all these features quickly 😁

Wow, mastalab will support pixelfed accounts as well?
If so, :awesome:

As for the possibility to create an account from mastalab, how will that work as for instance selection?

That depends. For Peertube which already supports that feature since a while it's "easy".
For Mastodon, I will check if the instance runs 2.7+ for suggesting a registration inside the app.

Pixelfed will use the same api than Mastodon, so it should work. But I need at least to display only "art" timelines.

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