I will need your help @nutomic
I can't change tags, though I didn't get errors and other parameters are changed. Would it be possible to send me logs in private concerning server responses?

@nutomic It should concern last PUT call to "/api/v1/videos/33587"

@nutomic Unfortunately no... Thanks for sharing them.

@tom79 there are also nginx logs, but didn't think that's what you're looking for. For peertube there aren't any other logs afaik (this is from journalctl -u peertube, and in the logs folder its the same).

@nutomic yes, nginx logs could help me to see if something was going wrong (warning for instance) on this query.

@tom79 sorry nginx logs contain the exact same lines, no errors or such (just the different requests). I think you'd have to add some extra logging to Peertube to get useful info. Or talk with Chocobozzz here or on Matrix.

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