I can't fix this issue for editing tags on videos. Every other parameters are updated and I don't get an error 400. Tags are the only parameters not updated.

So I will really need your help for fixing that. Thanks

PS: don't hesitate to boost :)

@tom79 by "your help", who do you mean? Everyone? If so, how can we help?

I turned around for a while. I might need server logs or some help for understanding what's going wrong with my query (Httpsurlconnection with array params, though it works with Mastodon).
I opened this issue (closed)
My first message was for opening the conversation. So thanks for asking details :)

@tom79 ah, so you need someone running a peertube instance? Not sure how complicated that is, but have you tried spinning up your own for testing?

It would be the best solution but I don't have a dedicated server though it becomes an emergency... For testing peertube and mastodon for having access to logs.

@tom79 if you're testing locally, why not start one in virtualbox? No need for a public server, right?


Yes. But I don't know how to deal with time. Also, my laptop is a 125 ssd where I have to delete emulated devices for emulating another one... I don't have right tools :)

@tom79 for now, have you tried AWS free tier?


gives you a small server for 12 months. For the future, either make a mastodon support app that is paid for or collect donations through libera pay / paypal / bitcoin / etc. to fund the tools you need!

Small donations would be enough, there are tons of cheap VPS hosters. :)

Let me know when you've set up some form of donation, I'll chip in.

Wow. Thanks. I will check that, it becomes a need.

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