I published release 1.64.2
What's new :

- Delete videos
- Sort videos and add a title in Overview timeline for Categories, Channels and Tags
- NSFW control for Peertube videos (settings, default enabled).
- Tags can be edited for Peertube videos
- Fix an issue with boost/fav actions for Mastodon
- Unfollow button more visible (red)
- Fix an issue when editing private videos on Peertube

Toujours pas dispo sur #fdroid mais bien sur le playstore depuis le 10 janvier
Désolé pour mon impatience ;)

Et encore bravo pour cette application très complète

@tom79 could you please remove the new line added with each reply? or at least make it optional

Oh. I see now. Go in settings and uncheck capitalization

@tom79 @amic oh it works! that option is a bit misleading, thought it was capitalizing the first letter not making a new line in a reply. anyways thank you :)

@hal @amic Yes, it's an old feature that I need to rename :)

Hi @tom79 , can we change the color for unfollow button in following tab in profile also?. It is still blue.

@tom79 When will it be available on FDroid? FDroid still shows 1.63? 😕

@claudiom I don't know. I might check logs to see if there is an issue.

@tom79 My f-droid entry for Mastalab is still showing version 1.63.0 as the latest version. Do you know when it should update to 1.64.*?

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