I worked on a custom layout for , you will be able to use it and interact with your Mastodon accounts. I attached a short video to show you that.
When the api will be ready, you should be able to see your home, the local and the notification timelines for Pixelfed accounts.

PS: It's an example from the follow instance feature. That will be faster if you connect directly your Pixelfed account.

@tom79 this is cool but why don't you just use the same boost button?

I tried to use same icons that Pixelfed. Depending of feedback, I can change :)

@tom79 fair, personally i think just using the same boost button would be fine. the "share" button makes me think it lets me share to other social media


Honestly, when I developed this part, I added a share post feature instead of a boost one.
Then, when I checked the code of Pixelfed, I realized that share = boost.
Actually, I don't know what to choose. Keeping same icons is obviously simpler for me.
But I would like feedback about this point.

@tom79 @eightbitsamurai I don't know. Wait for feedback you get in next few days!

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