@mase @tom79

I'd also keep the name because the alternatives aren't really exciting :/

Peertube, pixelfed (when the api will be available)

@tom79@mastodon.social peertube too? nice

tfw misskey api is entirely in moorunes

You can also follow Misskey instances and interact with them.

@orekix @tom79 Fediapp doesn't sound like "fed up" but Fedilab is also god, retains some identity IMO

@tom79 Okay I just really like the name Fedup for some reason, like "dangit i'm sick of all of these other apps only naming themselves after mastodon and not the fediverse"

But Fedilab's probably the best for the long-term. Fedlab gives me government service vibes.

@tom79 I dunno, why not just keep the old name? It doesn't need to change just because its features expanded. All those alternatives look silly. Fedup, really? ;)

That was like a private joke with a previous conversation. Don't hesitate to vote other in that case :)

@tom79 I was thinking about the fact you'll probably need to change the name since you're adding so much features not really related to Mastodon.

@tom79 Not difficult if people vote once and then never look back again, even if you add more options. Just saying that to be 100% sure, you probably should start a new poll with all the options at once. Maybe Fedilab really is ahead even then but then you'd be sure.

Spoke. It means somebody said something and that you are connected to a hub.

Struggling to use poll app from phone, but can I propose Federation Communicator or FediCom (yes, bc Star Trek communicators). Dumb?

What about a more abstract name ? I was thinking of Happy. I started with app + fediverse = appiverse and thought we might as well drop the verse. Happy is positive, like the fediverse aims to be. It's short. It's fun. It reminds of words like App / API...

Happy ? Happy !

@Oz @tom79 Imagine that name so hard to be useful in any search engine though. ;)


@Oz @tom79

Toot2you - toot


Guerre et Pouets


Masta System

MINT : Mastodon Is Not Twitter™ / Mastodon Is the New Toot

Camion !

Mastodon écrase les pouets -> Maspouet

Oops. Didn't think of that 😱


Then again "happy app" can't be that hard to find, can it ?


@Oz @tom79 Can't figure out if that's retarded or just vapid.
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