Now that the app has great chances to be called "Fedilab", I appeal to artists using (or not) for contributing to a new app icon.
Thanks for sharing / helping :)

@tom79 I think both the name and the current icon are just fine even if multiple backends are supported. But even if changing the name, the icon could just stay. It's cute. :)

Yes. I will need the help of @Curator for boosting this toot :)

That was a mix between Mastodon and Etalab :)

WHAAAAT?!? I thought my recent proposition was quite popular ! 🤔

#HappyIsTheNewMastalab 😁

Then again 14 favs ain't much against dozens of votes for #Fedilab

Kinda sad #Fedup didn't get more votes tho^^

@Oz @tom79 I really want an app in my phone called FedUp. I think its the catchiest name.

@tom79 Could you delete my answer (Colunadoc) because i've voted on my phone and didn't save the link to edit :s

I would like to vote on my computer because i can much better see the choices XD

I can't act on votes :) but you can vote again I think?

@tom79 I have an idea. Do you by chance have a SVG off the current icon?

That's well drawn. The wreath is maybe too much? Is it possible to increase the number of point for the federation?

@mangenehm @fettlaus @tykayn
Thanks for the feedback, everyone. I'll be busy teaching for the rest of the afternoon, so I won't be able to play around with it. I uploaded the SVG, so feel free to try things out.

@hirnbloggade @tom79 @mangenehm @fettlaus i am surely a noob, but i cannot find a way to get the svg, only png and a strange online editor

@tykayn You can download the SVG by clicking on the SVG button.

Click "Download". Because svg is XML under the hood, most browsers won't download it, but render it. Right click and "save as" or something similar should do the trick.
@tom79 @mangenehm @fettlaus

I tried it with more network-nodes, first. But that doesn't work well for an app icon. Viewed on a small scale, more elements disturb the picture.

@tom79 @hirnbloggade I think federated points should also be asymmetrical not perfect like that

Nice visual. Feels still a bit strange that the circle is not a regular flat circle

I like it for a start. I would move the dots around a bit, because currently it reminds me of a poké ball. Also the wreath stands straight up while the circle seems to lay flat on the ground. (otherwise i like the wreath to be honest)
Only just now spottet the old logo below the wreath. Nice touch btw. ❤️

Nice effort! I'd get rid of the wreath as well though.

@mangenehm @hirnbloggade @tom79

Remember that simpler, clearer designs look better as small avatars/icons.

The perspective of the logo is different from that of the wreath...

@tom79 Great. Will the new app support network? #Fedilab

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