@tom79 @liberadalinux @mmn @maryjane @colegota @diogo @aab @dalme Few hours ago someone ask for the consumption of the gnusocial service. This is my answer

@foo @mmn @maryjane @colegota @up201705417 @liberadalinux @aab @dalme

Hey, could you help me to understand how to exclude these automatic toots sent to my home timeline after an action (deleted/fav) from me. See attached. Thanks.

PS: I use "statuses/home_timeline.json"


I remember the developer of @AndStatus also dealing with this somehow. Maybe it is a matter of parsing this statuses?
Actually these messages are something that I miss in mastodon. I like to see what people fav 😉

@foo @mmn @maryjane @colegota @up201705417 @liberadalinux @aab @dalme

@nestort @tom79 Parsing isn't necessary, that'd be a horrible solution. It's all in the appropriate XML data structure/metadata, in the activity:verb - <activity:verb>http://activitystrea.ms/schema/1.0/post</activity:verb>

The thing is that these are not "post" verbs, they're "favorite" instead for example. Just read the data properly and you'll be fine. I think there's some hack to make JSON suck less. The real way to parse it with JSON wouldn't be the sucky Twitter-api-feed ".json" but rather ".as", but JSON will always be second to XML in awesomeness anywayz...

The hack for the .json endpoint might be something like:
is_post_verb: "false",

I am not against using xml (though all other api returns json, so it's more confortable).
I am starting with GNUSocial, but the api was not really clear, especially the Twitter ones. Some endpoints are available but not mentioned (rt_by).
So my work was more about checking and testing as the doc seem to be outdated.

All api calls return whichever format you want them to, called by extension.
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