The excellent Mastodon/PeerTube/Pleroma app Mastalab has changed its name to "Fedilab", to reflect that it works on many Fediverse services.

Fedilab is available through Google Play and @fdroidorg

The new site is at:

Their Fediverse account remains the same though, it's still at:

(It's also due to get PixelFed support soon.)

I think it doesn't support Pleroma, but GNU Social.
Outstanding app, by the way.
@fdroidorg @tom79

@switchingsocial @fdroidorg
It supports Mastodon, Pleroma, Peertube, GNUSocial, Friendica and soon Pixelfed.
I am already using these accounts :)

For Pixelfed, you need to wait their api.
But here is a screenshot from the app using it

I'm looking at the login screen, and there's no Pleroma or Friendica options. How do you log into those networks? Selecting Mastodon option?
@switchingsocial @fdroidorg


Yes, I need to update that. For Pleroma choose Mastodon, for Friendica choose GNU.
@switchingsocial @fdroidorg

@tom79 @switchingsocial @fdroidorg Ok, thank you. Very good job with your app, man; congratulations.

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