My 125 ssd are horrible (not enough spaces). I alway need to delete emulators for reinstalling new ones...
I would like to raise funds online to help me buying a computer. Do you have ideas on how to proceed (online sites showing the goal)?
Thanks for helping.

Gofundme I guess? Also, how do I donate for the work on Mastalab?

Go to about in the app and there is a button to liberapay.

There literaly is a link in his profile to the donation page.

Apparently donation are accepted hrom @Liberapay and Patreon.

@Zykino @Liberapay @tom79 Yes, silly me. I never even went to the web site.

To compensate, I've donated a bit more.

@tom79 Maybe BountySource / BountySource salt

I have a patreon and liberapay but honestly I am around 15$/month with both. I can't buy a computer.
I prefer a clear goal with the price of the computer. Mine is currently three years old and dedicated to development of Fedilab and my personal stuffs :)

Adding an external SSD with USB3 might also be an option. It's fast enough for VMs and builds.

Already had good results with such construct. In a non critical or small environment it's a cheap solution for storage problems of all kind.

Yes, this might be a good solution in the short. But I can't imagine working every day in such an enviroment.
@erAck @tom79

Get a gofundme going and post it. I'll contribute and share it. First pick a computer that you want so that you have a solid goal. Go for gold! The Fediverse is awesome. I think we can get you a new computer!

@tom79 What would be your goal to achieve? In hardware I mean.

A new larger SSD is cheaper than a new laptop. A Dell Latitude E7440 with an SSD upgrade would be a good affordable option. New laptops always look such poor value versus good second hand options.

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