I created a GoFundMe for helping me to buy the computer at

It's for a Librem 15 version 4 (Only if I get enough funds otherwise, any other ideas are welcomed). Thanks.

I must say that I am happily surprised by your donations! I was quite afraid to create this campaign for crowdfunding but your donations or your messages are really motivating.
A big thanks to everyone!

Just a suggestion, but did you take a look at used ThinkPads? They are quite reliable, mine's already 5 years old (bought it second hand after it's already been used for 2 years), and relatively cheap (I got mine for 400€, most are around 500-600€, though).


I'll second the suggestion of a used thinkpad. An older unit can be had cheaply, and the addition of extra ram and an ssd makes them fly.


Nice! But please, generate also few crypto wallets, I think someone will donate you via Bitcoin, Monero, Ethereum etc.

@sthaydn @tom79 @tuxedocomputers I agree, a Tuxedo would be less expensive but still a really good choice in terms of specs.

@Madeorsk @sthaydn @tom79 sorry for hijacking the thread, but do you guys have exprience with tuxedo laptops? I am interested in the BU1307 and would like to know if it's any good (especially since the case is plastic) many thanks!

CC. @tuxedocomputers

No experience here, sorry. But I think soon the new 15" will be mine. 😊
@Madeorsk @tom79 @tuxedocomputers

@Antanicus @sthaydn @tuxedocomputers

I bought a BM1507 in december (2018), and for now I am very satisfied. The case is really well made.

I am only a bit disappointed about one thing: informations about the battery are a bit wrong, 10h is a really too high estimation, you cannot have more than 4h while using it. 10 hours, maybe when showing a fixed image or with the screen all black, but I don't buy a 1000+€ to look at a black screen. :-P

But it is clearly the only "bad point" about my Tuxedo for now.

@tom79 I think a 250gb SSD is a bit small 🙈

If your current computer is only 3 years old, is upgrading some of the hardware a possibility? I have a 10 year old desktop that still games and can develop. It's less costly to switch out parts :)

@trevdev @tom79 desktops are easy to switch parts, laptops are not. desktops are also hard to put in a backpack and take with you, unless you built a really small one :) you'd still need to remain near a power outlet, and you'd need to bring a monitor mouse and keyboard with you as well.

I think we all know the difference between a desktop and a laptop. The OP said "computer," this is an ambiguous term. That being said you can still replace the hard disc and memory in many laptops.

@trevdev @tom79 not in macbooks you can't :( and anyway, more generally, it's more difficult to service laptops and upgrade their parts. a lot more stuff is soldered.

@trwnh Right, but in @tom79's case, we don't _know_ what sort of current machine he has. Because the term computer is ambiguous in this case, it could still be a valid suggestion.

Whatever the case may be, if the Librem 15 is the only solution to the problem and we're on the thrift, I hope it's a serviceable one. Soldering and/or the properietary nature of certain systems is a reason to avoid buying them in the first place.

@trwnh Ugh! Smacked by the threads within the thread goofup again. I beg your pardon. 😬 No hard feelings?

Also, donated.

Checkout system76, they have quite nice hw for good price.

You deserve the fund and Librem 15.

You've contributed so much.

You, all alone, built whole a new system with Fedilab/Mastalab.

It's not simply a #Mastodon or Pleroma client.

It's more than client for a web.

E.g. one can simply follow an other instance from one own account is simple original idea of Mastalab.

And recent support of Ostatus, hat off you.

To me, you are a big inspiration, Tom!


I swear, we are getting you that laptop one way or another. 😃😃

Just the mere fact that you'll be using a Linux laptop from Purism got my donation blood pumping! 😃

Hey, just a quick question: what kind of laptop are you currently using?

I must say it's a bad choice because you can not upgrade easily components. The only reason was for a better screen for my eyes.

@tom79 Done, I hope you will receive enough money to buy a librem 15. Also maybe you should consider 16gb RAM.

@tom79 Thank you for fedilab, it's an incredible application that I use daily. :)


Go for 16GB RAM! At least it should be upgradable to 16.

Seems no system76 device is in stock 😱

Does it have to be a notebook? Desktop PC would be more flexible 😉

@angrytux I always take my computer when moving :)
Yes, you are not the first one telling me about RAM. Depending of funds, I will change that.

@tom79 Okay, I have just sent a donation because you are doing a great job – thank's a lot! But why was it necessary to mention the Librem 15? Now, I want one, too!

@nomura Thank you a lot for your contribution :)
Yes, Librem 15 is an amazing computer :)

Sorry for the low amount, I hope it helps.

@vancha Yes, it helps :) Thank you for your donation!

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