Next release will be clearer with the login page. Especially about selecting the right network.

@tom79 I am so excited for this update! Been thinking about trying #Friendica and now I have more reason to do so! Probably going to stick with #Mastodon but certainly going to try it out for the sake of having another option for people to join the #fediverse. 😃

IMO, I am happily surprised by devs and how they quickly solve issues or add improvements.
Mastodon is an engine of the Fediverse, but all deserve a try for picking up what fit expectations.
I will keep doing my best for embedding everyone (cc users)

@tom79 The more software the merrier! Looking forward to setting up a #PeerTube account and logging in through #Fedilab as well! :D

Ah, Friendica 👍 so you have got it working with

Yes. It already works. But currently it's limited due to their API.

OK. Somehow not for me 🤔 I am always stuck in the new account loop. Do you have a hint for me or should I wait till the next release?

Can you maybe describe how you do it? When I do it with my account, nothing happens and I am stuck at the add account page, until I reenter my already added Mastodon account details.

@tpheine Do you use 1.73.0, I created it especially since your remarks for Friendica?

Yes, 1.73.0. If I try to add my Friendica account with GNU setting, nothing happens, all fields get cleared and I can not get back to Fedilab anymore without entering my Mastodon account details again. I cleared cache and reinstalled the app already. That's why I am asking you on how you did it.

Instance: ?
Account type: GNU?
Account name: all before @
Maybe my password is too long?

You can't connect? We should keep this conversation in private for more details.

Yes, correct, I can not connect. BTW I have sent you a PM yesterday.

if we use pleroma do we have to relogin after the update?

No. Or I'm not sure to understand the problem? Sorry 😕

Ok. No, it's only a helper for people not knowing that they have to pick up Mastodon.

You are almost single handedly opening the fediverse to the masses imho, mobile is what people want and bringing all these services together is just fantastic!!! Thank you, thank you thank you:)

Thanks for your message, that's encouraging :)

Wow even friendica 😍 this is becoming really the swiss knife of the fediverse!

Where can I get the version that supports Friendica?

@rick I improved it since 1.73 because I realized it doesn't support fully GNU social API (but devs are on improvements for the API).

@tom79 This is very nice! But to further reduce friction, can't the network be automatically determined from the hostname? is able to do so when adding a new server.

I thought to that possibility but I am not aware of a common api endpoint that could return this info for all Fediverse network. Of course, I could check what gives the main page and extract some information and then guess the network.
I will check the link you shared. Thanks.

@tom79 I was curious to see how it was done so I looked upon it.
It is surprisingly simple! There is a /.well-known/nodeinfo endpoint supported by every software Fedilab supports (except old versions of Friendica according to ). You follow the href in the page, and you fetch the software→name element in JSON!
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